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Denon AH-D600 Reviews

Positive Reviews


A huge, bassy pair that come close to audiophile standards of clarity


Pros: Bassy, deep & wide soundstage, comfortable, come with high quality cables, easy to drive.

Cons: Huge, look ridiculous, not very natural tonality

A great purchase for under 180 pounds, these headphones blow the direct competition away when it comes to almost everything. They arrive in a nice premium package with a thick, high grade cable for home usage and a smaller one with microphone for portable usage. They are very large and do look a bit incongruous in public, but they are clearly well made from premium materials, sturdy and not too heavy. They are very comfortable, with thick earpads and the weight is evenly distributed towards the sides of the head. They have a very low impedance so can be powered to uncomfortable volumes even with a portable source, though as ever a powerful amp improves fidelity. The sound of...
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Negative Reviews


Not a fan of these.


Pros: The packaging...

Cons: Heavy, Ear pads feel sticky, Too much bass

I am coming from the ATH-M50s and was looking to move up in the headphone game. At first I was going to move up to the HE-400, but could no longer afford them so I settle for these at a price of $270. I am not a fan when I found my self comparing these with my $30 gaming headphones and not being impressed at all when switching to these. Maybe someone else will be happy with these. 

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A fun sounding headphones for bassheads ( Compared with HD600s )


Pros: Easy to drive, Tight and controlled bass. Very soft ear pads though can get hot over time. Nice soundstage.

Cons: Tooooo big. Sibilant. Mids are slightly recessed. Very "V" shaped.

So I got this headphones used on Amazon for €170 which I think is a pretty good deal. I mostly listen to alternative metal and rock. ( Korn, Deftones, Radiohead, System of a Down, etc.. )   Packaging: Screams Premium. Nice box with soft clothing, two cables ( iPod compatible and a 3m long OFC cable ) and a decent carry case.    Build Quality: Looks a bit like the beats from the side. But it is very big and heavy (sorry smallheads). The ear cups are very soft but can get hot after long use.   Sound Quality: Lows: These headphones are really good at the first listen when directly compared with the HD600s since it has a heavier bass (controlled and tight, which...
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The closed back mainstream heapdhone from an audiophile company! Great looking phones from a big name brand.


Pros: Bass extends very low and has great clarity, sounstage is wide, comfy phones, quality build, packaging and accessories are excellent.

Cons: Mids are slightly recessed, not very portable but has cable for it, it LOOKS like beats, somewhat heavy, full MSRP

The Denon AH-D600: First thing you notice when getting the headphone is it's fantastic packaging. From the outer sleeve sleeve to the actual fold box, everything speaks quality from a reputable company. In a world of packaging having as much importance as the actual product, Denon does not disappoint. Opening the package displays the beautifully crafted headphone on a silk bed, something you'd expect Sony to do and something of a throwback to the yesteryears. The cables, adapter, travel bag, and documentation are underneath the bedding and are also as pleasantly packed. The actual headphones themselves scream quality made. The cups, the leather headband cushion along with the super...
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Surprisingly good closed back cans


Pros: Clarity, resolution, detail, smoothness, deep bass that is in general tight and well controlled, very easy to power, great quality cable, value.

Cons: Slight bass resonance, slighlty "off" tonality in the mids, highs can be sibilant sometimes, too big and bulky, resulting in loose fit.

When I bought these headphones about 2 months ago, I didn't expect much and I bought them without trying them out. It was an impulse buy to be honest, they were on a considerable discount and I just could not resist it.   Having no previous experience with Denon headphones (what I know about them came from reading the reviews of the old Dx000 series), and looking at the box design, I expected a bass heavy, V-shaped, "modern sounding" headphones designed for modern music, not really an audiophile grade sound. I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised.   PACKAGING & ACCESSORIES:   The headphones come in a hard cardboard box, the...
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Really great, if it works for you. Full range, detailed, great sense of space. True bass reproduction, highs that stay focused.


Pros: Enveloping, rich sound. Not shy on bass, but still tight. Massive, comfortable earpads. Great in-line microphone cable as well as "pure" long cable.

Cons: Much heavier and bulkier than Monster Inspire, MSRP is too high.

I'm in a good place. Three days ago I bought a pair of Monster Inspire headphones, which I find to be tremendous. However I let my wife try them on and I could sense a tinge of envy; I knew that I needed to have two pairs of premium cans in the house. I decided that I could solve that problem by upping the acoustic ante—by buying a pair of Denon AH-D600. I'm glad I took the plunge, because I find the AH-D600 to be equally enjoyable, compared to the inspire. I also have a pair of AKG 701 and I prefer both the D600 and the Inspire to those cans, even when strictly comparing sound quality. The main difference between the two new pairs is that the AH-D600 is decidedly geeky and...
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Best pair of headphones Ive ever owned


Pros: Superb bass, unprecedented clarity

Cons: None at the lower price point

  I recently purchased the D600's and after a few of weeks of almost non-stop listening to them, can say they are hands down the best headphones I've ever owned.... or heard.  They have the tight, low end bass response coupled with good mids and highs I've been searching for in my ideal headphone. While my AKG 701's may have a wider soundstage, and better instrument separation, they lack the bass response the new Denons deliver. Its a joy to re-discover the entire lossless music collection. Paired with a Cambridge Audio Dac Magic and Little Dot MK V headphone amplifier, they deliver stunning fidelity. Music you thought you knew, comes alive with...
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Fun and engaging


Pros: Musical bass, high separation for closed can, sparkly treble without fatigue, looks, removable cable, imaging

Cons: High MSRP, bass slant may be too much for some, weight, not suited for small heads.

I went into a local business that had these on display, and after trying them I decided I enjoyed them more than enough to get them . . . assuming I could get them substantially under MSRP which I did.  Let's get started on the good, the bad, and ugly.   Good:   Very easy to drive, you won't need an absurdly powerful amp to drive these and get the best they offer.  The bass is strong and punchy while avoiding one note syndrome, listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers with these is an absolute joy.  I've found these place emphasis on the bass, but tend to avoid messing up the mid-bass drastically leaving vocals mostly unaffected for music I've played with it. ...
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Good but I think the D2000 were better


Pros: Comfort, big soundstage, good bass

Cons: Mediocre midrange, artificial treble

I think that the old D2000 sounds better than these, they are not bad at the current pricing but they do not sound very natural in the treble and also the midrange is a bit lacking, the size of these beasts is impressive and so is the bass and soundstage, I like the big sound of them, just shame that the treble sounds a bit odd.

Very good -for sub300 price range


Pros: Comfort, bass, 2 chords (1 x portable, 1 x desk), balanced (with a good amp)

Cons: Pads does tend to get hot.

I agree w most reviews that these does not warrant the $499 MSRP. (Then rather opt for D5k, D7k).   BUT - at the +-$230 range I got them at (Amazon warehouse) - these are VERY good value for the money.



Pros: Sub-bass, Sparky trebble without fatigue, build quality, extremely comfortable, thin mids

Cons: Lacking mid-bass sometimes, Big for small heads, MSRP

It's really a good pair of closed headphones for 300-400 MSRP..

A Guilty Pleasure at a Reasonable Price


Pros: Comfort, solid build, not fatiguing, fun!

Cons: MSRP $$$, Earpads can get heated, weighty - not suitable for portable use as Denon intended

Bought these used off the FS forums. I had been interested in these since release, but due to negative reviews did not think it was worth pulling the trigger when they sold for $500. At the price I purchased them at, I am quite happy with them. So long as you know what you're getting, I believe the D600 is a headphone that pleases.   The lower end has a very significant hump that can sound exceptional with certain recordings. I've heard details in the bass on certain songs that I never heard before because it is so audible on the D600s compared to the rest of the frequency range. It also makes you want to groove when you listen to dance-ish songs. You can definitely...
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