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Denon AH-D5000 Reference Headphones Reviews


REVIEW: Denon AH-D5000


Pros: Beautiful looks and great sound

Cons: For a "closed" can, they isolate no better than some "open" cans

Please note: this is a re-post of my original review from 2007. This is the link to Denon’s website, if you read Japanese:http://www.denon.co.jp/company/relea...2000_1000.html I bought the D5000’s from Pricejapan.com for $553 shipped via DHL express. I received them within one week of order. Some immediate things I noticed: 1.They are perhaps the most comfortable headphone I have ever worn. I always thought Beyerdynamic headphones were unbeatable in this regard. The Beyers are supremely comfortable, but they clamp a little more, and are a little heavier, than the Denons. Note that I don't find leather "hot" like some people, though, and all my Beyers have leather pads. 2.While these...
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Excellent for House and electronic music, even production


Pros: deep bass, comfortable when you set it up properly, looks good, strong cord

Cons: was pricy

After 2 years of owning it, I can say those are one to stay in my home. I do production on them, I do DJ mixes, I listen to music. Bass is so strong and well defined for electronic house music and jazzy house, I don't listen to other genres so often so I can't tell, but if you want something for house and you're lucky on eBay those are one to consider.

Great sound from an amp but it's still portable...

(Copied over from my review on Amazon...) I can definitely say that this product is not all hype. They sound very good but I can't stress enough the importance of BURN-IN! I have about 200 hours on mine and they are still noticeably progressing to this point. Build quality wise, these are pretty solid. They aren't the most solid on the market or for the money but they should last. They are a mahogany and aluminum build with a sort of pleather for the pads and headband. Some people complain of sweating ears and that may be true however I haven't gotten to the hot part of our fluctuating temperatures here in Pennsylvania so I can't say for sure. They are very comfortable non the less...
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Excellent, well-rounded headphone


Pros: Great bass, clear highs, extremely comfortable. Beautiful. Long cord

Cons: Long cord can be a handful when trying to use it with a portable device

I purchased these from a fellow head-fier a week ago, and just got these in today. I got home at 3:30PM eastern time, and it's now 8:30 and apart from grabbing a quick dinner upstairs, these headphones have been glued to my head all day. I'd like to think I can give a fairly good review of what I've experienced so far.   Firstly, ergonomics: These headphones are comfortable as all hell. Coming from a pair of Grado SR80i's, comfort is a huge issue in the forefront of my mind. Whereas the Grados with stock pads would tire me out after maybe an hour of listening, these have nearly no clamping effect, and the pads sit comfortably like a big pillow against the sides of my head. Very...
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Pros: Great punchy bass that is by no means overpowering, awesome mids, wood looks decent, and extremely comfortable.

Cons: Balance couldbe improved upon, and doesn't isolate as well as some other cans within this price range.

No complaints for this price. 

Now I get it


Pros: Audio quality, build quality, value

Cons: None

I purchased the Denon from Amazon in February 2012 for $465 and, of course, the price went down the next week. Regardless, this my first set of higher end headphones and they represent a very good value. After listening to them I can fully appreciate the difference between headphones in the $100-$300 range and the quality you get when paying $400 or more. It is well worth the difference. The analysis of the specific nature of sound reproduction of the D5000 is better stated elsewhere. If you are like me, you may have several headphones. I kept thinking there was a perfect pair of headphones in the $200 range. The message here is invest the money you would have spent on 4...
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for aural restoration of anemic recordings


Pros: sometimes just fully disappear and comfy too

Cons: little bassheavy on normal recordings

In the first half of 2008 I went to store (the only store in my contry, which just-just received and sold these cans, actually first and at these times just one DENON AH-D5000 in my little country)   I asked for demo with a decent CD player with headphone output ('control' CD-s i bringed with me) First thought (positive!) was WOW, impressive Second impress/thought was feeling, that an unfamous and historically overused "loudness" knob/swich on amplifiers must be turned on, so i started to look for it, to swich it off... sure, there was no luck to find any such non-existent switch on standalone CD-Player But anyway, after few minutes listening i as pretty sure,...
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Incredible Headphones


Pros: beautiful sound, feel, aesthetics

Cons: Not sure

These headphones are alarmingly great.      Now, I want to first talk a little about myself. I am not seasoned veteran of Hi-fi. I do not have any experience with multi-thousand dollar listening setups. These are simultaneously the most expensive and greatest headphones I've owned. Of course, their quality is overwhelming to me. Please read this review with the understanding that I might not be "qualified" to accurately or usefully compare these headphones to similarly priced models of other brands.     I come from Sennheiser HD595 headphones. Before that, I used Audio Technica ATH-A700 headphones. These are both excellent choices. Both of...
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A comfortable "pretty good" closed full size headphone.


Pros: A pretty enjoyable sound for thoose in favor of a little more slam, feels pillow-like and are not as expensive as much of the others

Cons: Could use a little more balanced aspect in terms of frequency balance together with speed and micro-details

Verifying with new amp and dac
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