Great neutral sounding headphones.

A Review On: Denon AH-D340 Music Maniac On-Ear Headphones

Denon AH-D340 Music Maniac On-Ear Headphones

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Pros: neutral sound(no treble or bass boost), clear mids, smooth and laidback highs.

Cons: looks, a bit heavy.

These retail at 300$ .

I got them for 80$ here. 

For the price i paid - they are extremely good.

The sound is clear and neutral.

The soundstage is good for a closed can, the bass is punchy and tight, the mids are extremely good with lots of details. although I find the treble to be a bit lacking for my taste. other than that - they sound amazing.

they can be easily driven with an ipod or a phone. they also have an inline mic.

if you get these under 100$, it's a steal.

even if you get it under 200$ - they are really good.


getting it for $86. Is it worth it?
totally. it's almost free for that price.
I'm thinking about buying those, but I can't find a place which sells those for less than 150 bucks.
Can you please tell me where did you get those for less than 120?