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Lovely tone, delightful full bass but just lack the mids to make them a 'must try'

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Denon AH-D1100

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Pros: Entertaining sound, comfort and musical

Cons: Subdued mids, bass can get a bit 'boomy'

For the first week I LOVED these headphones but, sad to say, with time I found more and more holes in their performance. For the money these are very good value but not a 'must try' unless you are looking for a U shaped response curve. Detail in the highs is pretty good, nice airy feel instruments/vocals sound spread out. Bass is warm, gets low and is very good fun for the pseudo bassheads. The mids are where these really fall apart. At first I was so entertained by the highs and lows that I neglected the mids, then I put on my Audio Technica M50s and realised the Achilles heal of the Denon's. The M50s have a pretty flat response curve and nothing is really suppressed or exaggerated. The same cannot be said for the Denon's with their U type response curve. Great if you want sparkly highs and deep bass but not so good anything in between. 


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