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Fun headphone

A Review On: Denon AH-D1100

Denon AH-D1100

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Pros: Much bass and comfort

Cons: bass is abit muddy also they lack midrange

Not much to say, a reason why I returned them right before 45day. The bass in theese are the best part, it is punchy and it is alot more than a neutral headphone. But at the same time the bass do bleed into the mids making it hard to hear on bassy songs.


Also they kinda feel cheap like they can brake easy, I would have kept them if i mainly listened to to electronic music. But for the most I listen to jazz and some indie pop and the lacking mids make them fall back for me.


But at the same time the cheap Sony xb500 has better mids and even more bass, this makes me feel that the new denon is really noth worth the money they ask for it. My Sony mdr-1r for example cost 20$ more and they sound out of league compared to the denon. Better bass and more detailed but less quantity, much better mids and no bass bleed. But also have the withdrawn higs on both models, it make both of them really non fatiguing at all.


Enough rant, they are not horrible but I feel there is better options out there that cost the same or less.

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