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Decware csp-2

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Pros: brilliant

Cons: inconvenient power switch location

I've owned this CSP2+ for a couple weeks now, and it is mostly burned in, but it makes little difference. It is a brilliant preamp/headphone amp. Dexter Gordon's tenor sax envelopes you in warmth and reediness that makes you stop and take notice. It sounds like you are next to the player, hearing the breathing and movement of air past and over the reed. Any drummer that has decent miking becomes a real listening feature. The splash of the cymbals, thwack of the foot-bass, and resonance of the toms really puts the drums on equal billing with any other instrument. Do you describe the sound of drums as beautiful? With this CSP+, I do.


I listen for hours at a time, and prefer the open speakers to my phones (that cost almost as much as my speakers). I am not saying that the headphone amp is a weak link in this unit. I just really like what the preamp does with the room. I am a believer in all that the Decware website has to say. I am saving my bucks to purchase a Decware power amp.


The only negatives have to do with a couple design elements that I could have changed by purchasing a couple modifications. The power switch is near the back of the top surface, and nestled between the transformer and the power plug and cable inputs. Difficult to reach. I would recommend a mod that places the switch on the end of the unit.


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