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A Review On: Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC (Black)

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable NFC Bluetooth Speaker with aptX/AAC (Black)

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Pros: Great Value, Good Sound, Multiple Inputs, Numerous Features, Wonderful Build

Cons: Heavy

*The Box*

First thing I noticed when pick up the Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 box was, how heavy it was.  I thought to myself, this is a portable Bluetooth speaker, or a big paper weight?  Once I pulled it out of the box and began to use it, I quickly understood why it had such a substantial weight to it, because it is a powerful, full bodied speaker.


This can be done one of four ways:  By Bluetooth/NFC, a microUSB Cable, a 3.5mm Audio cable and by inserting a MicroSD Card.  All of which work flawlessly.

Bluetooth connection is easy through normal setup or through NFC.  Both are quick and painless to connect.


Let’s go back to the weight and build of this small speaker.  Want to know why it is so heavy?  Because it has two amps, not just one and 5 drivers!  All tightly packed into this small footprint, beautiful housing.  I honestly do not know how they got it all to fit. 


There are also some other interesting features, including a built in microphone for phone calls.  Though I did notice I had to be somewhat near the Roar 2 for the other caller to hear me clearly.  On the other hand, as long as the other person was talking directly into their phone, I could hear them very loud and very clear.

The Roar 2 also comes with a voice recorder.  This is a feature I could gather might be good for someone who uses this in the office, or needs to remember to do some tasks.  Again, like phone calls, you are going to want to be fairly close to the unit for recording purposes.  Playback of recordings is easy to understand and hear.


*Sound Signature*

It must be noted that this is a small portable unit.  It was not meant to replace a stereo system.  That said, sound quality is still very good for the price.  It will be hard to find a Bluetooth Speaker that sounds better while spending less.  Value is very high for the Roar 2, you get a good sounding device for an affordable price.


Bass – Is surprisingly controlled.  Never overpowering, though can be a little thin at a distance.  I personally like the TeraBass enabled.  I think it gives the sound a nice little “roar”.

Mids – Stay in the middle, that is the best way I can put it.  Vocals come through beautifully without being forward and never are reassessed.


Highs – Are rolled off early.  Maybe just a tad too early for some tastes.  But for me, it helps the sound signature stay on the warmer side and never becomes piercing or tiresome.


Soundstage – Is on the smaller side.  This is the case with any unit of this design.  Sound only comes from one place, thus harder to create a surround feeling.  Though, I will say that the Roar does the best it can to create some distance and instrument separation for such a small unit.

*Overall Thoughts*

I’m going to touch again with is what most important with the Roar 2 and that its value.  You get so much in such a small footprint.  Great sound from a portable device, multiple/easy connections, nice additional features, all within a great build. 

I will also note that my family loves it as well.  We enjoy using it while preparing and eating meals.  It is great to have some good quality background music that is easy on the ears.  Plus if we get a phone call, it is easy then to switch over for a quick conversation.  All and all, a wonderful, full featured Bluetooth Speaker.




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