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A Review On: Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium HD PCI-E

Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium HD PCI-E

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Pros: A Good All Rounder - Music, Gaming, Movie...

After my E-MU 0404 USB that serve my workstation @ China dying (I'm using E-MU 1820m back in Singapore), I was thinking of buying another E-MU products. But when I try to look around, the choices is slim at China and the price is high.


There is two choices here - either going to Creative products or opt for Asus products.


I would like to try out Asus products, but I am TOO familiar with Creative products, knowing the strength and the weakness of each product, thus at the end I purchased the X-Fi Titanium HD - which is possibly the best product if someone looking for an all rounder. And to be honest, I do not know how long will Creative continue producing this product, that is another reason I bought this card.


You can find all the comments on the Sound Quality of this soundcard all over the internet so I will not comment much about this. Further more, sound quality is very personal and subjective - some preferred punchier bass and some preferred more high or warmer sound, add up different cans having different sound signature.


I listened to FM Acoustic system once, it taught me one thing: Music is for listening and to entertain me.


To me, equipment is for me to enjoy the music, not to analyze the frequency spectrum - no, I am not saying the objective measurement is not important. But most of the recent cards are measured pretty well and it is up to the users how to mix and match for their preference.


To me, equipment is a Tool - Knowing your Tool will help you to understand how to setup your preferred sound.


Thus, my comment is: This is a very Powerful soundcard - probably the MOST powerful soundcard (no, not about output power but the features) since it utilize 20K2 chips, plus hardware SRC, etc. Too bad the potentials are not fully explore. Who to blame? Microsoft? Creative themselves? Game Developers? Or the Users?


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