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Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium HD PCI-E Reviews


Best Sound card i ever heard but its goofy, RCA JACKS! can connect to my eq and amps with no adapters


Pros: amazing quality, above average pre-amp.

Cons: has 3 output jacks, only 1 works at a time, loads of useless audio affects some on by default.

as far as output goes this sound card is amazing in quality and really impressive with output level, has nothing on the soundblaster 16 or awe64 but shure as hell beats any thing modern. im happy with this card accept of one big thing, and for me its big. i only can use one audio output at a time, this sucks, i live in a house with a large amount of electrical interference so to keep my siganls clean i use thick cables short distances and avoid splitters. this sound card forces a jack off then you use a high one. basicly i have 3 sets of amps, front amp, rear amp, and several sub amps i chain together. i do not use surround sound as my setup is for music quality and surround only lets...
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Great all round


Pros: Crystal clear sound, hear things you couldn't even notice before in your music and games

Cons: Few connection ports (4 digital optical and then just 2x 3.5mm jacks for headphones)

Ingame shotgun sound from behind actually freaked me out first time I heard it and had to check my back!   If you want a sound card, then go high-end or not at all. The motherboard inbuilt ones can do sometimes better than cheap soundcards. This one is a bit more expensive, but very high-end and will make a huge difference! You will be left to wonder how you lived without. Crystal clear sound, hear things you couldn't even notice before in your music and games.   Very satisfied with the card and it looks reasonably well built too, zero issues but software could of been better.   Ensure correct setup for best quality sounds. Set on DTS Connect encoder seems to...
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A Good Old Soundcard


Pros: A Good All Rounder - Music, Gaming, Movie...

After my E-MU 0404 USB that serve my workstation @ China dying (I'm using E-MU 1820m back in Singapore), I was thinking of buying another E-MU products. But when I try to look around, the choices is slim at China and the price is high.   There is two choices here - either going to Creative products or opt for Asus products.   I would like to try out Asus products, but I am TOO familiar with Creative products, knowing the strength and the weakness of each product, thus at the end I purchased the X-Fi Titanium HD - which is possibly the best product if someone looking for an all rounder. And to be honest, I do not know how long will Creative continue producing this...
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Creative Labs X-Fi Titanium HD PCI-E


Pros: Great Piece of Kit if you happen to use your computer to fulfill your audio cravings

Cons: None that I could think of....

It did what it supposed to do....and some...   I mainly use headphone, speaker I just use my onboard and use windows settings to switch from the TIHD to onboard realtek 889 codec.   Burr-Brown DAC plus the National amplifiers, awesome!! Shines every headphone I plug it into....   After getting a dedicated headphone amp, I stopped using the HEADPHONE Out and switched to the Line Out instead...using a dedicated amplifier, the sound somewhat becomes a bit tame. The harshness of the treble gone, bass was tighter and soundstage didn't sound like cave-like-feedback.   All in all, I love it...I don't use the Creative Control Center, I just use the driver and...
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Surprisingly Good Internal Sound Card


Pros: Price, sound quality

Cons: Hardware switch in headphone output disables other output sources making switching back and forth between headphones and speakers a pain

I am not a seasoned Audiophile and not fully comfortable with all the terms used by reviewers here yet, so I am going to refrain from commenting on this soundcard in too technical terms.   What I will say is that Creative went all out with this board.  Determined to fix their poor reputation among audiophiles they threw quality components at this board, and it shows in the sound quality.   In the past with other sound cards from creative, system noise has been a problem.   This board is perfectly quiet.  With my ears I can not discern any noise/hum/pitch coming from the computer at all, regardless of conditions.  It probably helps that I have...
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Best card for a gamer


Pros: Sounds great, looks great, and lots of games support it., dedicated headphone jack

Cons: not as good (so ive heard) Xonar

A bit expensive for a sound card, but its the best thing you can buy for a audiophile / gamer. Even if you just listened to music i dont see how you can go wrong with this card.   While many people may complain about switching modes cut off the sound, i just leave it in audio creation mode and im perfectly content, never any driver issues here.   These have some sort of amp built in, enough to power any headphone.

Creative X-Fi Titanium HD


Pros: Very Clear & Detailed Sound,Replaceable OMP's,High Grade Components ike TI DAC,Great In Games,Great In Music,Solid Card.

Cons: Crystalizer is just a gimmick,Bass Could Use More Punch.

The Creative X-Fi Titanium HD Is the new high-end sound card from creative,and has an impressive spec sheet like 122db in 24bit\96khz playback and using a high-grade components like Texas Instruments DAC,also it comes with a 16mb x-ram for hardware accleration in games(useless). The EMI shield is a cheap plastic unlike ASUS metalic cover(but it takes less heat from other components unlike metal that is on the STX),and the EMI shield came scretched like some idiot at creative tried to clean it with glass paper! Sound Stage is wider compared to an onboard realtek sound chip(alc889),with warmer and richer sound and good mid and high tones! lows wise,the bass is...
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