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A Review On: Creative Labs 51MZ0310AA005 HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset (Black)

Creative Labs 51MZ0310AA005 HS-800 Fatal1ty Gaming Headset (Black)

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Pros: Sound Quality, Good Mic Pickup

Cons: Slightly Heavy

While a little put off by the branding (I personally think Fatal1ty is a tool), I've always been a Creative Labs fan and took a shot on this headset.  I have been richly rewarded.  


My headset gets an average 8-9 hours of use a day in the winter months, and 3-4 during the rest of the year.  They have performed flawlessly, with rich sound and surprising durablity.  When I travel for work, the set rides in an unpadded exterior pocket of my laptop bag, though I don't stack anything on top of it.  :)


For the price, they have been outstanding, if a little heavy.  Of course, my wife says they wouldn't seem heavy if I didn't wear them so much.  :)


Great headset for the money.  If they ever break, I might even get another pair.  I see Amazon has them for $32 now!  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the sound quality won't hold a candle to anything in the $200 and up range, but for cheap bastards like me, they're pretty good.


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