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Great deal

A Review On: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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Pros: Warm, bassy sound, but with plenty of detail. Amazing price-quality ratio

Cons: If there are any cons... small cups

As you probably know by now, these have the same driver as the now deceased DENON ADH1001, created by Foster. They look the same, I actually like the glossy black plastic of these more. The cups are a bit small and sometimes hurt me since I use ear piercings, but this if you don't I doubt you'll have problems. The pads itself are very soft. Isolation is less than most closed headphones, but you trade that for a large soundstage.


The bass extends very deep and there's plenty, I tested it with some tracks I know to contain bone-shaking sub-bass. The mid-bass is very pronunciated, making the beats above the rest of the music a bit. The mids are good, recessed but clean. Basically you feel like they were toned down a bit without losing quality, and it's really not excessive. The highs are slightly subdued and could extend more, but it's still very good, and the sound isn't dark. The emphasis on bass and lower mids makes vocals seem far away, like slightly behind the low frequencies, which makes them good for electronic and not so stellar for music depending a lot on vocals. I still enjoy metal and indie rock on these a lot. Detail is surprisingly good, these exhibit strings and other revealing instruments very well. You can feel the fingers hitting the cords in a guitar, and drums feel very textured (like you could 'feel' it and understand what kind of surface the stick was hitting). I don't feel like the soundstage is big, but definitely bigger than most closed headphones.


If you enjoy electronic music of any kind, rap/hip-hop, basically anything with a synth, these are one of the best deals you'll get. They work well with most genres I've tried, but are definitely meant for those. Rock, metal and jazz work well, but I understand someone might think the bass is excessive.


Also, these are very mod-friendly. The cups are only hold by 2 screws, there's lots of cup space to use for your wacky experiences. I have recabled mine just for fun.

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Is the cable looped or knotted inside the cups? What do you think causes the wire issues people talk about?
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