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Creative Aurvana Live!

A Review On: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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Pros: Comfortable, Bass, Price

Cons: Design, No Folding, Y Cable

When you do hours of research and actually go and spend your money on something that cost more than you wanted to spend, you aren't exactly "thrilled" about taking it everywhere with you on daily commutes. Which is why after dishing out $100+ on a pair of Shure Headphones I decided to search for a pair of headphones that sounded great, and I didn't mind taking everywhere. They arrived on December 29th meaning I have had about 2 1/2 weeks with them and so far I have do not have many negative things to say about these headphones. 


Starting off I bought these new for $65 on Amazon, although they normally retail anywhere around $70-$100. When I started looking for my "Daily" headphone I knew after seeing these get a decent amount of excellent reviews, that this was the direction I wanted to go. They come with a small bag, a 1/4th in. non-threaded adapter, and a 5ft extension cord to plug into the end of the 4ft long cable on the headphones.  My first impression of these cans was that the earpads and the headband were so soft. Out of a long line of different headphones I have tested (i.e Beats Solo/Studio/Pro, Soul SL150, Klipsch Image One, Shure SRH-750DJ, etc.) I can easily say these are the softest most comfortable headphones I have tried on. The design of these was also a plus with an all black headband, and a shiny black earcup with a chrome trim around it. The CAL!'s also feature a tangle free cord, which I have found to have worked exceptionally I have never been able to even make a tangle on my own. The only real problems some may have with the overall design is the fact that it has a Y shaped cable instead of one coming out of only one ear, the size of the earcups compared to the headband is kind of awkward, and these headphones have no folding capabilities for easy portability. Needless to say the design of the headphone is exactly the same as the Denon D1001, and thats not all it also "borrows" the same Foster driver as them which would mean you should get the exact same listening experience right? Not quite. 


The technical  specifications, and sound of the Creative Aurvana Live!'s are exceptional considering the price that one would pay for them. Weighing in at around 7.4 oz. these headphones certainly are not heavy at all, and are not noticeable while on your head. The impedance in these are only 32 ohms meaning that they can be easily driven by any phone, or mp3 player without the need of any amplification. Creative claims the frequency response on these is 10hz-30khz making the bass on these pretty good. Sound-Wise the bass on these headphones is phenomenal, yet not overwhelming. Some of the other competitions headphones seem to only focus on bass, bass, bass. But these seem to do everything well easily putting higher end/priced headphones to shame. I tested out a pair of Sennheiser HD 205's (which I also did a review on) against these and I wasn't even able to entertain the HD 205 anymore as even a bit of competition. I found it a bit funny that the Creative's can be used as a nice earmuff in the cold too! Compared to the Denon D1001 the Creative Aurvana Live should have nearly identical soundstage, but because the CAL! has thicker earpads it creates more bass, thus making the Creative Aurvana Live a more bassy headphone than the Denon D1001.


In conclusion if you dont mind having a two sided cable, and the fact that it cannot be folded into any smaller form, the Creative Aurvana Live is easily one of the best headphones under $100, maybe even under $200. 



Sound Quality: 9

Comfort: 10

Design : 7

Value for Money : 10

Ease Of Use: 9 






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