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Comfortable bargain cans

A Review On: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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Pros: Really comfortable, great isolation

Cons: Brand?

After reading reviews here and learning about the Denon drivers, i went for a pair of these for the office. They are surprisingly comfortable to wear, the soft pleather pads perfectly covering the ears, with the only discomfort issue being that your ears warm up a bit after a while. Great sound isolation from outside. Short cord length makes them portable - I quite often wash the car wearing these cans, and the short cord means no snagging etc.


The headband plastic looks a little fragile, i'm not sure these could live in and out of a bag, also the cable is a little thin and the jack surround is poorly glued in place (although that flaw allows me to plug it into my iphone4 bumper case!).


Bass is full and defined, mids are smooth, highs are there, but perhaps that high end sparkle could be better, they sound kinda warm - they say a recable can improve the highs though.


I got these at a reduced rate on Amazon and am very happy with them. Great sounding cans for the money. Here's a couple pics i took:


headphones (8 of 10).jpg

headphones (9 of 10).jpg

headphones (10 of 10).jpg


Amazing. This was $55 a day or two ago on Amazon. Now it is $99. At $55 I was almost tempted to buy it. No way would I pay $99 for this. Will this be $55 again soon? The bio cellulose diaphragm is interesting.
They are worth $99. After replacing the cable(much more open highs) they are worth $199. They weren't technically worse than hd600.
and they are $55 everywhere here in poland :D
@The-pGO, how did you replace the cables? from where?
DIY :)
You've got to disassemble them and replace and solder the cable manually. Conducfil Sonolene 3014 is often recommended for them, but any good cable would do. Search around head-fi or google, I think there were some topics about that.
the isolation are great on them? i thought its not ...
@turgid, poor isolation and minimal leak of sound. it would take more clamping force...
All the goodness of these headphones is lost with the quality of the plastic. My set broke within 3-4 months of purchase. Don't get me started on Creative's service. At the price range they sell for I would go for a different brand, like Beads for example... Creative, definitely not worth your money.
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