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light headphones with good sound

A Review On: Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

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Pros: overall good sound quality, lightweight, sit good on the head

Cons: deepest bass, not super comfortable but ok, sound isolation

i can only compare these to my sony mdr cd 770 and my dad's beyerdynamic dt 990 premium as well as some koss porta pros.


i haven't had them for that long yet but i like the construction and that they're light. they clamp pretty tight on the head and are comfortable enough to wear for longer periods. i will try running/working out with these and i think they'll do the job.


about the sound: the bass is slightly boomy but goes pretty deep, the treble is slightly more detailed and emphasized i feel than the dt 990 since the sound signature of these cans is flatter and less v-shaped, the highs are decent. overall the sound is very good and there's not much to complain about except the details in the deepest bass, but i think that's a physical limit due to the size of the driver. the soundstage is good enough for my liking and the separation between the channels is very good. they sound somewhere between the cd 770 that are very flat and extremely detailed and the dt 990 (that i totally adore) that have a more v-shaped sound signature and less detail in the treble. i feel that these cans are best for electronic music (not drum and bass) and aren't very picky about the quality of the source. i expect them to get a little better after burning in so i might update this review but so far i'm content with them.


i think that the dt 990 premium are better in every way especially for rock, metal and dnb but they cost 4-5 times more and aren't nearly as portable.


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