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Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset with 40mm Drivers and In-Line Mic Reviews


Successer to a Budget King


Pros: Lush bass, good mids, sparkly treble

Cons: Average isolation

Sound Quality Straight out of the box, it sounded great, pretty much like the original CAL!. I’ve done over 100 hours of burn-in. DAC is FiiO E10. As I mentioned in one of the posts, it reminded me a lot of Sennheiser HD 25-1-II. This can be a headphone for people who really appreciate bass (bassheads included).   Is this a neutral can? No, but it is definitely a fun can with a V-shaped signature. Most people on Head-fi claim to prefer neutrality, but the truth is a V-shaped response is perceived to be more balanced due to the equal-loudness contour.   The bass is deeper than even the HM5; has better extension than the original CAL!. I could feel the tactile low notes...
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Worth double the price from first CAL!? Yes, but stilla biiit to expensive


Pros: Soundstage, bass, build quality, detachable cable

Cons: highs, price ATM

I've had different headphones, ranging from M50, Momentums, and various lesser known brands.   This headphone though is very good! I have to say this: This may be the most comfortable headphone I've ever used. Sure, headphones that cost thousands of dollars may be more comfortable, but I'm not in that League!   I'd really like more treble, it may be a bit too laid back for me. Not ear-piercing treble, but just a tad more present.   The bass is really good! Not a basshead phone, but plenty of bass, extension and quality.   I've paired this with Nuforce dac and Fiio, and it sounds better this way. But it's not night and day difference. The DAC improves things...
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Nice bass!


Pros: Bass, detail, wide soundstage

Cons: price, value

I really like this headphone. I've been trying various headphones in this pricerange, and decided on this one.   But maybe the Price is a bit too high, when comparing to the first Creative Aurvana Live?   The bass extension and quality is really good on this one, but I'm not sure if this is for bassheads. Fortunately the bass doesn't bleed into mids (very important for me!)   The treble is also nice, and the vocals too.   I've seen some Measurements on a russian website, and they look pretty good.   The build quality is nice, with metal headbands, and the cups swivel to which I like.   I don't like the cable because it's 2.5mm on the headphone...
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Rivals pricier cans!


Pros: Bass, asthetics, sturdy build quality, imaging, treble

Cons: None? Maybe flimsy cable

I've auditioned the first Aurvana a couple of times, and I've always liked it, but never purchased it.   Anyway, this new Aurvana is so good! I believe the drivers are the same as the first model, but these are definitely tweaked.   The sound signature is V-shaped, so it's more of a "fun" headphone. Neutralists won't like it, althought it's not over colored like some other Cans.   Vocals are airy and the soundstage is really good. I was seriously surprised to hear this kind of instrument separation from a Creatíve headphone.   Maybe the price will drop soon, but if you already own the first Aurvana, you must get theese!   Cheers

Overall improvement from the first CAL!


Pros: SOUNDSTAGE, comfort, design, build quality, detachable cable

Cons: cable, price

The CAL! 2 is a big improvement over the first version.   Creative brands this as a "premium headphone" on the box, but is it?   First thing I noticed was the soundstage. It's MUCH better than the first CAL!. Much more air overall in the music. Good for movies as well.   I thought the bass was too boomy at first, but after some burn-in it became better. Maybe I just needed to adjust to the new sound signature? But honestly, now after som burn-in I can definitely say that the bass quality and extension is better.    I don't like the cable. I mean it's fine for a headphone in this price range, but it feels a bit flimsy. I'll probably buy a new cable,...
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Very Nice!


Pros: Lows, comfortable, build quality. SOUNDSTAGE!

Cons: Isolation, 2.5mm cable input.

This is my first proper set of over ears, and I'm quite surprised! The bass is fast, punchy and has enough weight to satisfy the slight basshead in me. The treble is a bit laid back for me, and I found they needed a bit of EQ. Vocals are very smooth and the soundstage is great! They produce a very natural sound. I've also had great success using them for gaming. Paired with a HifiMeDIY Sabre DAC and a Marantz 1050 amp. Got them for around $100, which is a steal considering I'm in Australia.
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