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best dual balanced Armature mid tier iem for the money.

A Review On: Creative Aurvana In-Ear3

Creative Aurvana In-Ear3

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Pros: the smoothest mids, punchy bass, smooth treble. amazing price!

Cons: not much Sub bass. plug is straight instead of L shape.

I recently broke down bought the creative aurvana 3 iems from micro center for $87 after tax. If you love the sound of a smooth mid centric iem with neutral bass and non fatigue on the highs, these are the best deal I have come across. I have always been a mids lover but now I'm really a mids head. I have had experience with many dual armature iems I own Both the sony xba2 and the ue700. To my ears the tuning of the aurvana 3 Is what I really am amazed by. It's like they dialed in all the best frequencys , at least to my ears they are perfect. After you hit 17k with These there is a huge drop of to eliminate any harsh treble . Smooth as butter mids with a perfect punch in and out of the mix with enough highs to be perfectly happy and not fatigued.


thanks for the heads-up, sounds like what a fren of mine would like..
( whose AKG321 just died. )
Just wanted to agree with this review.  I am very happy with my Aurvana IE3 set.  Amazon still has these available (I think Creative might have stopped making them) for around $80 and they are a real bargain at that price.  One caution to anyone buying these is to give them time to burn-in a bit and play around with the included ear tips or better yet get some Sony Hybrid ear tips.  To really get a sense of the true sound this earphones are capable of producing you need to get a really good seal and ideally a moderately deep insertion.  If you don't have that these earphones can sound very thin and utterly unimpressive.
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