Cowon O2 32 GB Video MP3 Player (White) Reviews

Supra Man

Cowon O2


Pros: BATTERY LIFE! Sound Quality, Media support ( just about Every audio/video codec imaginable), expandable, speakers

Cons: UI, a bit bulky, apparently very fragile screen

I bought this player a few years ago, and wish I still had it... This player sparked my interest into higher quality music, and I absolutely loved it.   There are a few different options on the O2 for storage space, 32 gigs being the biggest, but all are expandable via an SD card slot.  The audio quality was great, I had it paired up with a then new pair of Sennheiser HD485's  and the battery lasted AGES. Well over a hundred hours of music, and something like 8-10 hours of video. The player supports just about any format you can think of for both audio and video. No encoding needed, just plug it in to the computer, and drop the files right on in. The player had...
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