COWON J3 8 GB Portable Media Player (White) Reviews


Cowon J3 8GB white


Pros: Moderate build quality, good file support, notable improvements over S9

Cons: Weak processor, does not use standard usb

Got this a while ago after a channel on my D2 died. Choose the J3 for obvious reasons battery life, file support, and since I had quite a good experience with my D2.   Listen mainly to trance, dnb, dubstep, jazz, classical Using SE110, and sr80s Firmware 1.20   Pros - Battery life is one of its key selling points - Speaker (improvement over S9) - Expandable (improve over S9) - AMOLED provides beautiful colours, and almost unlimited viewing angles - Supports almost any file you throw at it be it audio or (most) videos - Stock UI I find is better than S9, built into the J3 are 3 UIs which can be seamlessly switched between - Hardware buttons! for pocket operation =] - Flash support (limited...
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