COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black) Reviews

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Cowon J3 -- A very customizable DAP (White ver.)


Pros: Effective EQ, BBE, Gapless playback, Lengthy battery life, Lightweight, Accessible physical buttons, Easy to drag-and-drop files.

Cons: Weird UI, Custom UIs are slow, Can't use while charging, Video format support lacking, Battery life meter is useless, Korean proprietary plug.

Cowon J3 -- JoonBug's Review with pics! Official Cowon J3 JetAudio Product Page INTRODUCTION Let's face it, at the time of writing, the iPod has taken over the DAP (Digital Audio Player) market. Wherever one goes, one is bound to see someone with either an iPhone, iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod classic, or iPod shuffle. The characteristic white Apple earbud is more a fashion symbol than a way to be in touch with our music. The iPod itself is also not that great of a music player either, sporting nice audio circuitry but messed up software, making it very difficult for people to enjoy their music. Some don't care for this lack of audio fidelity, and you see them wearing the popular...
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Best MP3 player I have tried*Excludeing the colorfly*


Pros: GREAD SOUND!!!, easy interface, not apple, almost ALL music format support, customizeabal, small, lightweight, GREAT screen touch and visual wise.

Cons: A little too flimsy feeling, The interface takes getting used to coming from an Itouch.

COWON J3 16GIG V.S. I TOUGH 2nd gen 8GIG*for sale and jail breakable* Well where to begin.... I got this to replace my Itouch*that it for sale* due to the fact that the headphone jack is broken an easy fix I have guides for but I was looking for any excuse to get rid of the thing. I like the features the Itouch offers. I must say it is a great little handheld micro tablet*so to speak* but the output is just baaaaaad. The Cowon J3 puts it to shame in terms of audio out put. Running the Ipod at max volume is about running the J3 at 28*caps at 40*.   Build: Well I must say the cowon is light, like it feels like nothing is on my hand, the Itouch is a heavy best I suspect from the...
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mauricio nz

Cowon J3


Pros: Battery Life, sound quality, audio formats, simple to use

Cons: Does not support many videos formats, blue-tooth not that good.

  My best Pmp so far. I have tried sony's, sans'a, and cowon j3 is the best so far. Unfortunately I lost it, and now it is discontinued so I have been trying to replace it, I bought a Sony Walkman A 865 which was sent back due to the poor battery and poor Eq, after that I bought a Cowon Z2 basically the same sound quality than J3 but an horrible android device, this also was sent back.     So now I will just wait for a "successor" of the J3, since any Smartphone nowadays is able to perform better than cowon Z2, there is no point in getting a low quality android product, J3 has basically what is just needed today, a great battery life, many audio formats support,...
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Fairly new to mp3 players, tried the Ipod Nano 6th Gen. Never would shuffle worth a damn. Same 150 songs over and over. Researched this J3 here and purchased it. Followed ALL instructions as to installing the newest `firmware' using my Mac. Wrote a polite letter to those people in the country it was made. Too old for this nonsense. When the songs change the volume blasts louder, plugged in the Pico amp, sounds better, BUT CANNOT install firmware. Much nicer then the Ipod but has different items to learn, right?  Please help this  feeble old guy  with the  updated firmware.OK?   Update:     5-6-2012   Now a week later, it does,...
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Nice sounding portable


Pros: Compact, lightweigth, very good sound (for portable)

Cons: Feeble USB / mm card cover, software stability issues at low battery

Needed a good player for my FLAC and APE files (which my iPod could not do). Bought this player on the various internet recommendations although its ridiculous expensive in Europe (239 Euro for 16G version). It's a very good audio player in a nice looking package. It drives my RS2 very well and playes all files effortless with good dynamics and musicality. I like the added BBE equilizer settings, especially when playing at work on low volumes to get a bit fuller sound. Battery life is awesome and I love the OLED display although I guess I will not use video much.   User interface is ok, but not as nice a the iPod's, but that might be just me. I have big fingers and hands...
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Pros: Battery Life, Sound Quality, Screen

Cons: Build quality could be better, but it is not bad.

I'll update this at a later date.