Best MP3 player I have tried*Excludeing the colorfly*

A Review On: COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

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Pros: GREAD SOUND!!!, easy interface, not apple, almost ALL music format support, customizeabal, small, lightweight, GREAT screen touch and visual wise.

Cons: A little too flimsy feeling, The interface takes getting used to coming from an Itouch.

COWON J3 16GIG V.S. I TOUGH 2nd gen 8GIG*for sale and jail breakable*

Well where to begin.... I got this to replace my Itouch*that it for sale* due to the fact that the headphone jack is broken an easy fix I have guides for but I was looking for any excuse to get rid of the thing. I like the features the Itouch offers. I must say it is a great little handheld micro tablet*so to speak* but the output is just baaaaaad. The Cowon J3 puts it to shame in terms of audio out put. Running the Ipod at max volume is about running the J3 at 28*caps at 40*.


Build: Well I must say the cowon is light, like it feels like nothing is on my hand, the Itouch is a heavy best I suspect from the glass screen which IMO is just a poor design choice. The J3 feels solid just very very VERY light, I cannot stress how light it feels. Nothing creeks, nothing seems to flex, and further more no corners to get bend like the Ipod.


Screen: Well the Itouch screen is nice, the J3's screen is VEEEEEEEEERY nice. Clear, and color full*accurate*. The touch is more sensitive than the Itouch which I like as I hate having to struggle with hitting the pause button on the Itouch, this bring up another good point. BUTTONS!!!! for pause/play, and next song, last song WOO BUTTON MASTER RACE*it's really a big deal to me, I have touch only things*


Sound: Well the J3 gets A LOT of praise on here and I see why. It sound like I have just crawled out of a cannion of apple crap campaigning adds and hit the bright vivid horizon of understated but power full MP3 players.


The reason I bought this soo cheep is because I found it refurbished by Cowon USA, it's brand new, not a mark on it, nothing It's as good as new, nothings off about it, all plug ins work correctly nothing.


I really love this, the output leaves a tiny bit of a hole just in the over all volume but boy oh boy does it get my K500's moving*the Itouch can barley power them to an audible level*


Over all I am very happy with this, I hear you can put emulators on it aswell wich would be very very cool as well. WOO FLASH!!!!AHHHHHAHHHH!





So would you know where I could get the same deal you got? I may be interested in picking this up to replace my fuze. My Sflo2 was sent back due to factory defects so I have to wait until they send me a new one ;(.
ummm e-bay? I bought from Jet Audio so look at them or Cowon USA for a referbished model. the S9 is also the same MP3 without the buttons or memory card slot.
Thanks man. I'll give it a look. The only issue though is it lacks a line out dock :(. From what I've been reading on headfi with a decent portable amp via Line out dock the fuze and iphone 4 sound better so I guess I'm just gonna stick with those combos using my Leckerton UHA 4. Thanks though.