J3 and the Weston UM3x are a perfect match

A Review On: COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

COWON J3 32 GB Portable Media Player (Black)

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Pros: style, size, battery life, SD card slot, Touch Screen, Power and Sound

Cons: propriatary usb cable, just like everything else.

I love having something no one else has, that’s how I live my life making my own path.  At least that’s how I feel when someone gawks at my J3.  Every third person on earth has an IPOD, nothing to talk about, no fun, typical, average,  yawn.  Now the J3 is a special player in every aspect.  When you pick up this shiny black glossy unit you expect a lead weight.  However the unit is light as a feather but strong like titanium.   Then you power it on as a thin blue line scrolls across the screen and then the touch screen icons which react to orientation of how you hold the J3.

However I couldn’t truly enjoy my love for the J3 until I added and upscale IEM.  After weeks of searching, reading, asking (Then being rebuffed for not searching) then more searching.  Flopping from one device to another.  Should I spend a lot or spend a little and get several $50 and below.  Will ebay ship me a Chinese fake since they lead the world in that area.  Back to asking an be rebuffed for not searching.  Finally I settled on getting the best I could afford the Weston UM3X.

Making the purchase click, the wait begins. Then the sound thoughts float in.  Buyer’s remorse, read more reviews, maybe I should have gotten…   

 Look for affirmation.  Read, Read Reading everything while the family goes waning for my attention.

Then the UM3x arrives, I immediately grab the J3 and plug it in. I go to setting and turn off EQ’ing off so I would have a good baseline reference.  Tapped the music icon and my ears fill with the most warm punchy bass, clear highs and better than expected Mids!  Tap, Tap to double check that I don’t have BBE+ enabled and it confirmed no EQ’ing and it sounds wonderful.

Bottom line I love my J3 pared with the Cowon J3 my search for quality music listening is over the ripping continues.  

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lovely... is it gapless too? :O it's such a shame i can't get these in méxico. :(