COWON J3 16 GB Portable Media Player (Black) Reviews


great dap


Pros: great design and weight, sound quality, UI, battery life, micro sd slot

Cons: non for the actual player itself

I decided to purchase this after my S:flo2 got stolen from my car. Amazing little player, thin, insane battery life, and an easy to use and incredibly responsive UI. Couple that with great sound quality and a gorgeous screen and you have one hell of a player, a tad on the expensive side, but still great nonetheless. The sound quality on this player is great, with more eq options that you can shake a stick at, the only reason i took off a half star is its just not as good sounding as my s:flo2 was, everything else is a vast improvement though so im happy.   Highly recommended

Just short or perfect


Pros: Battery Life, Sound Quality, Durability, Expandable Micro SD Slot

Cons: Certain aspects of the UI, Screen too small for videos

I bought this many years ago and I've finally decided to review it. In short, if my current one ever breaks I'll probably end up buying the same one.   Build:   It's a very sturdy little device that'll easily fit into most pockets. It has a fully capacitive touch screen that's large enough for most uses. The only thing that I'd advise against is watching videos. The screen is simply too small and will cause eye strain... but if you bought this then you probably had little or no plan to watch videos on this anyways. I love the build of this and the only thing I'd like to see changed is the loud speaker placement. When put straight down on a table it'll block it completely....
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