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Cosmic Ears - CE2E CIEM


Pros: The cost is insanely low, come with an insanely thin and near invisible linum cable as standard, uses a far better connector than the standard 2 pin

Cons: At £200 there are no reasonable cons with this

First of all I'd like to say the customs and the cable are both insane, the customs look incredible and the linum cable and connector beat the hell out of any other CIEM I've seen around.


Cosmic Ears list this as a jack of all trades monitor which I do agree with. I'm coming for a 4BA model to this 2BA and I've been pleasantly surprised by the sound. I haven't had these a week yet so I'll be updating the review once I've spent more time with them, I just wanted to throw something up in the meantime.

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Cosmic Ears - CE2E CIEM

Twin balanced armature receiver – 1 for lows, 1 for mids and highs

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