I don't understand whats the fuss all about

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Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

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Pros: can't even list anything except cool appearance

Cons: size, build quality, sound quality, UI

Bought it some time ago, based on user reviews. Straight out of the box it seemed huge, especially compared to my old Cowon D2. Also, sound was awful. Granted, I don't have large hi-fi cans, only IEM's, AL iM716 and now I bought UE triple.fi pro-s. So, I let the player burn in. For 3 weeks straight. I also let my new triple.fi-s burn in. After that, my Colorfly sounded a bit better, but it still didn't sound much better than my old D2. I tried to manage sound settings, but there's no possibility for custom setting, so I had to settle with pre-settings. Which is a huge minus. Also build quality, I had it on the shelf for 3 weeks and I carried it with me once and it already has several scratches on the screen. For that money I expect it to have gorilla glass, not some cheap soft plastic as a screen cover. Also body already has some scratches and signs of wear and I have been keeping it carefully like a baby. I admit that I got swept away by all the praise and didn't do enough homework, but unless you have more money for expensive large hi-fi earphones, this is a useless waste of money.


One reason why I left the ridiculous portable setup's ages ago.
wonder how it will do against my dx100
Well perhaps maybe friend if I were U = I would first off verify that U have a Genuine C4 Pro via their website use serial number as sound wise & quality wise here I've owned mine about a yr now & it's still in mint condition & sounds as great as ever.

BMW I would suggest never using the smaller headphone output as I found it was totally crappy TBH so I would advise people to use the bigger output & if needed use an adapter of suitable quality if using IEM'S or the small jackplug type of headphones as the bigger output jack certainly makes my C4 sound heavenly whereas the small output was really really poor in comparison IMHO.

1 other thing I did was to buy a screen protector for the C4 & always kept it in it's case when possible. Mines has had very heavy use & it's still like new.

As for sound quality or EQ settings = I found it never needed any EQ changes due to it's ability to give an honest & crystal clear sound from my uncompressed. Flacs that I mostly play on it. If U listen to mostly .Mp3's then I would maybe suggest this player isn't for U then, don't get me wrong as say 320kbp's Mp3's they sound Ok to me but this player is really for higher quality sources TBH. Anys is just some thoughts on your opinion on what's kind of a highly regarded high end player
Actually I find the SQ on this unit to be quite good with any cans I have tried including iems from etymotic and sony and there appears to be a special synergy with the Fostex th900. Maybe I have just not been exposed to the really good stuff and just don't know any better, but it is difficult to imagine a significant improvement. My main comparison is my big rig stereo system which is fairly high end.

As far as the screen is concerned, are you sure you removed the protective plastic film? Another user had the same screen scratching issue until they realized the film was still on. I haven't really had any scratches on the body, but have got a crack in the wood case due to the really dry air in my living space last winter.

My only real issues with the unit are the poor UI and lack of support by the manufacturer. This great sounding unit would be even better with a UI upgrade, but updates have been very infrequent and inconsequential. What is really frustrating is that this upgrade seemingly could be done with little effort by the manufacturer.
Sorry you've had problems with the sound quality not being to your liking, I got mine 2nd hand and am very pleased with it . I knew the UI would be pain and I knew it would be powerful and neutral, which it is.
I use IEMs and HD800s with it, it doesn't seem to complain with any of it.
I am pretty sure you picked the wrong IEM.