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A Review On: Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

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Pros: Cool looks, no stupid interface for transferring files, amazing SQ for the price

Cons: Only accepts WAV as hi-res, long transfer time, too much power for my IEMs, long burn in process, the digital connections doesn't accept HQ cable.

I got my player in January, but it has taken me a long long time to enjoy it. The burn in process is very long so you better let it play for at least one week prior to listening.

My player was extremely siblant, but has settled over time. I even had to go back to the original cable. It was too painful to listen to.

Still need more time to get rid of the last siblance. It probably has something to do with my IEMs which has a 119dB sensitivity. I can move the slider about 5mm, then the volume is where it's supposed to be.

I use the 1/4 jack with an adapter since it sounds better and more powerful.

Might have to put a resistor or something in between to get more dynamics. The player is still a work in progress so I'll get satisfied.


I've used it as an external DAC and it outperforms my Musical Fidelity M1DAC by far.


More info will come later when I've made some improvements or finished burn in.


I was wondering what IEM's you're using and if you hear any bass-roll off from the player using them? I have the C3 and CK4.
What is the real battery life mate? 16 bit FLAC playback for example?
"Burning in" electronic hardware? Sorry but ths doesn't make sense. Sure caps can behave very slightly out of spec brand new, but to suggest this effect resulted in sibilance, which subsequently disappeared? Utter nonsense. I dont doubt your observations, that your impression of the sound chaged over time. But no change in the hardware can be responsible.