It's that good = I'd even pay double the price IMHO

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Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

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Pros: It just sounds so so so good it'll keep amazing you !

Cons: Baterry Life Not Great, But hey theres a downside 2 nearly everything IMHO

BTW I'm from Scotland so I paid £555.00 for mine, not $555.00 THXU smily_headphones1.gif


1st off lets get this out the way then eh ;

Baterry life isn't great & TBH with you it was never ever going to be great unless they made it bigger by giving it a higher capacity battery making it bigger, so you kind of know this from day 1 that loud amazing sound comes at the cost of battery drain wink.gif


Now where to begin hmmzzz...

FLAC/ WAV Playback is just outstanding with your chosen cans, I'm not going into sound descriptions as each to their own as each have their fav cans, lets just say this then =

This thing has sounded amazing with any Cans I've tried it with & I have tried several to try & find a weakness, but there is none soundwise it's faultless indeed via headphone usage.


Add in the fact it's a DAC in it's own right via an in & out spdif or use the spdif in & headphone out to phono even = the thing still sounds amazing.



I bought mine from Superfi about 6months maybe more ago now & TBH I just still cannot stop listening to it.

I'm so so so glad I bought it & ignored the heavy price tag, because once you listen to it I'm sure like me you'll agree that the quality it kicks out makes that price tag seem low IMHO.


Whoever that obsessed chinese guy who demanded it to be built to such a high standard as it was = I salute you sir as by god it still brings a smile to my face getting on to maybe nearly a yr l8rs hehehe smily_headphones1.gif



In closing = Don't let the high price tag put you off people, hell we all pay high prices for hi-fi stuff anyway, think of it as an extension of your expensive Hi-Fi & you'll understand then why it's worth every penny smily_headphones1.gif



P.S. Make a 64gb MicroSD card bootable formatted in fat32 = it'll work in it too, so mine has 96gb (after the usual loss 89gb or so of space hehehe) EXCELLENT smily_headphones1.gif & what's up with some 1 who just joined a Forum posting a review on a Product they think others would like 2 hear about ?
A Nice welcome friendly reply... Sorry I meant a 12yr old school playground sarcastic reply... That's the thing with all Forums U have good guys & gals & then U have well this user with their comments here under my review post made for god only knows why... I feel sorry for your negative outlook on life there but I think the C4 Pro's too good a product to let your wee comment dent it eh ?


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