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Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

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Pros: Sound Quality, Build Quality, Micro SD slot for as much expansion as you could ever want, 6.7mm Jack, Output Options.

Cons: There are no Cons if you can afford it and are an Audiophile

First of all I just want to put a caveat on the User Interface notion. At the end of the day, we are striving for sound and we all do crazy things to get the best, gripes about it are meaningless and in reality just spoils any review and we have all been spoiled by the iPod's UI, but an iPod sounds like a lump of clay, so with that done.


This is mind blowing, I have no idea why this product is not more widely known about and that sales are not massive.


It could very well be the final word, and it has been kicking around for a while, it needs some more attention as I recently discovered. Like an ancient text, its truths can not be denied.


I am tempted to start to describe sound quality, but I listen through many different headphones so I would only start describing what I am hearing now through a pair of Denon AH D7100's using the 6.7mm cables.


This isn't a headphone review.


Thinking about what this product is actually capable of for a minute one soon comes to the conclusion that the design and execution is just as clever as Apple have ever done. People say it Looks "Steam Punk" or some such nonsense. No, this is a player for life, that is why it has been designed like that, not for shiny aesthetics, but so that as it ages it just gets better and more personalised and so that it will last.


The build quality is superb. It feels gorgeous to touch, aesthetically it sits in a class of its own in any environment.


There has been more thought put into this device than I think colorfly is credited for to be honest.


It will fit in your pocket in its case, it will fill it but it will fit there, as another review I have read alluded to, forget it if you are wearing skinny jeans.


What does it output?


Close to perfection. I can't see it being beaten at this size, ever. Something else that was very revealing was running it through my NAIM Headline. I am almost hesitant to say this, but with cans that need driving, I am not sure whether I could tell the difference between it going through my Headline and direct from the Colorfly. That is saying something.


Whatever phones you go for or prefer, make sure they are comfortable, as I promise you one thing, you will once again listen to your entire music collection again, repeatedly, you will wake up in the morning and get out of bed and think about putting it on, you will walk round anywhere you want as if you are in a reference studio with the world playing a film going by. You will stop being able to hear people and you will not do much talking either.


I do not think that it is overpriced at all, it is ten times the quality of an iPod and not ten times the price.


And it has a soul.


The EQ settings do work very well indeed, again more thought by clever people.


For the peripatetic audiophile, there is no other unit.


One very very happy customer, it isn't often you get more than you hoped for these days. Colorfly give you it.


Happy to answer any questions, I have haunted this place for years and years, I have never signed up, just taken, not contributed. I simply had no choice but to speak up about this amazing piece of kit.






Great review.....i'm just about to order one myself.....but was a bit shocked when the shop I'm buying from said that you have to press a button for the next track as it won't play an album or file/folder of songs in one go! Is this true? If do you ensure it plays continuously? Thanks for any insight :)
BUY IT!! Whoever gave you that information is totally wrong! You can organise into folders and navigate to them and highlight the first track and off you go, it will play continuously. Or you can have the lot in one folder and it will play continuously. I love the Micro SD option too, it just gives you ultimate flexibility, you can get a 2GB for some playlists or a whopping one if you are going on a trip.
Thanks for saying that it was a good review :) Update on it here as I have just started listening to mp3 on it, whereas before in was WAV only. The upscaling really does work! I was kind of shocked to look down at the display and saw that it was mp3 that was playing and not a WAV.
Please let me know how you get on, and any other questions let me know. As long as you are cool with an interface that means you have to press a few more buttons or scroll a bit more then there I am sure that you will love it. Honestly whoever told you that clearly hasn't used it, it is total nonsense, highlight the first track, press the red button, have it on "repeat" and it will play the entire collection in a loop until you run out of battery. Honestly, people selling high end kit like this should know what they are talking about, shop owner should be ashamed of himself. Then again, I wouldn't be as useful :)
Nice review Vespertine! I'm about to pick one of these up. Would you be able to recommend a free program (Mac based) to rip Wav files for this? I've heard that some programs are not great - the link below recommends 'Recode' while also suggesting that others should be avoided.
Also, I've quite a large collection of 320kbps mp3 and also slightly lower VBR mp3. This 'upscaling' that you are talking about...can you enlighten me on that? As far as I understand, once you convert from CD to mp3 then information is permanently lost and you cannot scale back up again.
Thanks for the help and here's that link...
Hi Narc, thanks for your kind words. You have posed a question that I could go off and research and come back to you with. However you could do the same. To be honest I don't know. I don't know what they do, I would guess at exrapolation from the clipped frequencies in an MP3, but of course my statement about it working is a little misleading perhaps as I don't know what component or algorythm is actually making the MP3's sound better when played through the C4 than ANYTHING else. They just DO. Exrapolation can be the only answer technically, as you say, if you clip the frequencies then you do lose them forever, but like a puzzle clever firmware can predict where those frequencies might have gone and put them back in. Maybe I am way of the mark and living in Dream Land, however I do this all the time with my "Day Job" which involves sound waves, just not ones that you can hear.
hi vespertine, what r the digital filter settings and the output settings for, and what r yours set to? my c4 is second hand, so i'd like to be sure they on the right setting. thanks for your review as well
Hi Vespertine, what do the Denon AH-D7100 sound like through the Colorfly C4? I am getting a C4 but I have been debating on getting the Denon AH-D7100.
Hi mate.  I have one of these and agree they are great - i was thinking of purchasing an OPPO HA2 AMP/DAC or the CEntrance Hifi M8 to go with it - no one can tell me how to plug these in to the C4 and what cables i would need! hoping to see if you can help me out and let me know if you have paired this with a portable amp/DAC?