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Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

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Pros: Wide sound field

Cons: Really short battery life ToT

When I first got this huge wooden-copper box, I was shocked by its classical appearance, and more by its wide sound field and clear details (my headphone is AKG K514). As a hifi player designed purely for music, its sound surely worths the high price. Below are my experiences of listening to various music with it.


First is about my favourite album, Sam Lavine's Hifi Sax (WAV). When starting to play the " I Will Always Love You", the opening background can be told to be far away from the piano and sound crispy. Unlike IPC, C4 tears the last barrier between the music and my ears; the sound came out was not at all limited or sticky. Then the saxophone starts to play; it was not too amazing at first, I had to admit, but as the music goes on, the sound became a stream really smooth and poisonous and came very close and seperated with all other instruments. Moreover, when the music came to its high-frequency part, it's still nicely controlled and didn't felt too thin or light. Brightness was also expressed just-fine.


Then I tried C4 with Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of Heart. When the music started with piano, I could tell the places of each key, each note. Though C4 is accused for its shortage of expressing human voises (true that it's a bit far), but the details-the wind flow from the "over boost" singing and some like crying came very real. Then when in the middle the bass suddenly started, it was so close-like just in front of you. And the following mix sound of sea and wind was like from really far away, and was so not too strong till the end.


These are only my personal feeling about C4, and I'm just a student beginner in China, si don't take my words too much into consideration. But do note that C4's battery is really bad, and that it can't play 192kHz/24Bit Flac and Ape (will display "Play Error"). When first use it before it " burn in", there's some sudden current noise, just don't care too much-they just go away a few days after.


You mention the battery life as the only con but don't say how long it lasts...
About how long does the battery actually last? Considering it's for portable use that would be a pretty big con for me too...
Another C4 review by someone who's just joined and has hardly any posts. ???
approx 7hrs, 9hrs at most.