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Colorfly Pocket Hi-fi C4

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Pros: The sound is full, detailed and amazing!!

Cons: If price isn't an issue get it

I got both hifiman 801 and the colorfly c4 to try out. Sorry to say but I couldn't tell any difference between my iPod classic and that. The c4 on the other hand just blew my mind!! Sound is amazing!! I'm not audiophile but try both hifiman and c4 side by side and you'll see yourself how amazing this player is!! Dont listen to people who say it isn't good!! Try it out for yourself!


There are so many strange limitations to this forum that I can't say all I want to in this first comment, so hopefully the forum will permit me to comment in two parts....First of all, let me say, I'm not sure how one crosses over from being a 'normal listener' to being an 'audiophile' (is there a secret ritual in which you get a tattoo on your eardrums or does one need to spend a minimum percentage of one's net worth on audio products before one qualifies?) So, I don't know if I am one, but I am an avid listener of music and I would like to add my two cents regarding the Colorfly C4 player. A brief background about me to see if you feel it necessary to read the rest of this post... I have always appreciated hearing and seeking to hear as many musical nuances in a recorded piece as is possible. There is great joy to me in discovering a new vocal or previously unrecognized instrument in a piece, or even an artist taking a breath. I understand the concept of soundstage, etc. In the quest of this nuance discovery, I have tried and owned quite a number of devices. Yes, I've tried the ipod (in the dark, when no one was around) and the zune (in the dark, on a deserted island, when no one was around, when I had LOTS of time to allow the software to connect) as well as a number of Cowon products, a sansa, the ibiza (I know, don't ask why), a couple of generic Chinese products, etc.
I have more recently purchased the HiSound Studio, the HM-801 and the Colorfly C4 and have had a chance to listen to and compare these, but more on that in a moment.My bias is towards a player that sounds better vs. a player that looks better or comes with an armband or has a nicer user interface. I'd use a player that requires a command line prompt (or, if you're old enough, punch cards) over one that lets you swipe across album covers if the sound was that much better. I also very much appreciate a unit that is not tied to a certain software program to load and organize music. I have spent too much time watching software interfaces NOT load songs that now I prefer to drag and drop them onto the player myself, thank you very much.I currently use Sennheiser HD800s to listen while sitting at home and JH-16 IEMs whilst strolling about.Ok, having said all that - how does the Colorfly perform? See part two....
Part two....Well, I've had it about a week now, and I have to say, I am very impressed. I have discovered a couple of nuances on favorite 'test' songs that I had not heard before using any of the other players. There is better separation between individual notes and voices in may pieces. Furthermore, it has a decidedly more prominent and life-like bass re-production than the HM-801 or the HiSound Studio, but not to the point of distraction.
While it doesn't play FLAC at 24/192, it does so effortlessly with WAV files at that level and, quite honestly, the MP3 files, using the upscale feature, sound fantastic as is as long as the original MP3s were done at a decent rate.I am also very pleased with the relative ease with which the Colorfly drives the HD800s, which the other players require an external amplifier to do them justice. And, even though you can't swipe through album covers, I quite like the unique user interface design (even though functionally it is quite basic; although not any more so than is the UI of the Studio or the HM801.) I also have had some issues of the HM801 periodically freezing, requiring a hard restart, which has yet to occur with the Colorfly)So bottom line? The Colorfly has quickly and completely taken place as my number one go to player at this time. Highly recommended! And did I mention, it is gorgeous!
I want to buy colorfly c4. Currently I have ortofon E-Q7 but in future I will definitely upgrade to good quality headphones. Should I buy??budget is not a problem.