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Pros: Presentation. Size. Power. Price. Clean lots of bass. Adjustable eq.

Cons: Not sure for £70. Won't play hi res files

I wanted to tell you what this is like straight out of the box because I just got this in less than a week new from hong kong for £70. So this is for anyone wondering about taking a plunge on a dap but not sure which direction to take.
I wanted to post it because I can't believe this is on ebay for £70! It'll surely sell out at that price.
The packaging is bomb proof. It has 6 lots of wrapping around it. You get a set of in ears they look gross. Won't be using them so no idea whether they're bearable. A usb cable a mains plug a velvet sky blue pouch 2 cleaning cloths and a screen protector are provided as well as the beautiful looking cardboard presentation box.
Now onto the c3 itself.... the instructions are in Chinese. It's pretty obvious how to switcch it on. The controls are on the touch screen. Seems easy enough to work for me. There's pre loaded music which is what I listened to to check all was fine.
Through my klipsch x10is I have no complaints. They have put wav and flac files on there for us to try out .There's plenty of depth there. No sibilance is present. The cello sounds absolutely gorgeous as it should do. The vocals are brought nicely to the forefront.
If people are interested I can compare it to my imod 5.5 with rwa lod rsa hornet combo. But let's be serious and state here and now that , being used to that combo which is 8 times more expensive, I am getting a lot of pleasure from the Colorfly C3.
Why on earth don't more out there own it?


I've seen these on Ebay as well for around the £70 region. I've always been wary of things like this coming from Hong Kong and keep thinking of the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is". Are you 100% certain this is a genuine product? I really hope so because im looking at getting on and have seen it listed in the UK at £149, which at more than double the cost seems like a large hike in price, but I don't know if that's just doen to the tax/mark up.
If you trawl through the 1000s of c3 posts youll find not one person who has a fake. Beware of caution getting in the way of an absolute bargain. I have bought 2nd hand a young dac for half the retail price, a novo amp for a bargain, numerous others likewise. I take the risk, I reap the rewards.
Others prefer to buy new, pay full price from posh shops for peace of mind. I would love to do that, and bought several things (LCD2, MDAC, Linear PSU) full whack. But I try not to get into the habit if I can.
It sounds too good to be £70. That's all there is to it. Enjoy your purchase. It's utterly great.
I am not getting any big pops or clicks on my C3 and my flac albums are playing away quite merrily with no access to the instructions it's easy enough to work through