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Colorfly C3

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Pros: great build quality, great sound, portable and looks good.

Cons: maybe you will hate using the C3. /:

build quality 


the C3 is build like a tank, my C3 fell several times on the floor and nothing happened. (something I would love to see with an iPhone...)





really small and portable, but still feels really good in the hand because the C3 is a bit heavy. 


using comfort


the touch on the C3 is nice but not like the touch of an iPod/galaxy, sometimes you will need to touch the screen 2-3 times until it will work

the screen is small but i don't think it's a bad thing, you just need to see the name of the song/album so why you need a 4" screen for that?

there is no search option, but after some time you will remember where is the album is and you will find heme in a second.


sound quality


the c3 has a v-shaped sound, big soundstage. fast and accurate bass, really nice detail. a bit dark and slow sound. (kind of HD600)

overall: the C3 have fun sound but still has some neutrality in it.



why 5/5? because its just 100$ DAP ,  dont expect for audiophile quality but still this 100$ DAP gives you grate value and even if it costed 150$ it still will be a grate deal.


highly recommended DAP!!!!!!






thanks for reading my review!



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