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Pros: low output impedance, does sound decent, small-ish (compared to note3), bright screen

Cons: screen size, froze (tags?), can't do SD+Internal shuffle, doesn't handle folders shuffle, no custom EQ, bass EQ boomy, awkward controls, no search....

so, h20 sent me his unit as a loaner.

I can see why people liked the sound/build:
It does sound somewhat more detailed and having wider soundstage than the clip
seems like it has a mild treble boost compared to the clip so it sounds bit crisper. Not too sure it it'd pair well with bright IEMs. (there's also a small bass- roll off due to coupling caps, but it wasn't that noticable to me). The battery life is pretty decent, and it does look pretty and feel solid. Coupling caps aside it looks to have low output impedance, and it drove my GMP450 pro to ok volumes.

Sound signature wise, I'm fairly confident the distinct sound can be repeated with a parametric eq in clip to mimic the same effect. (if you eq the bass already no extra battery penalty)

things i hated were:
-for global shuffle you gotta make a 'master' folder, add an extra song into its root and put subfolders into it. (the cowon d2 model lol). actually there's no recursive shuffle or sd + main all shuffle (gah. come on colorfly, im not going to reorganize the way i manage my music for your buggy mp3 player. (trial to script a recursive folder traversal and concat folder name ____ file name but f. it, also won't fix sd+int memory)
-no search
-not sure if i like the sound sig and slight deep bass roll-off with D1000 at all.
-have to turn it away from body in shirt pocket else it unlocks and mutes. magically. when on keylock
-heavy and no clip (compared to clip zip, that's probably not a fair comparison though, since just about anything is )
-capacitative buttons and not tactile feedback - fiddly.
-froze 2x times in 1h . once with music stuck in an annoying glitch sound. had to restart. (if they can't write a flac decoder.... well....or maybe faulty tag handling like on Cowon d2)
-eq very limited and the bass setting is excessive in mid-bass and too shallow in sub-bass
-can't turn off key light on charge
-no attempt to remediate thing by colorfly re changelog history. upgrading it to instead of fixes looks not to fix any of if it, maybe the button or lock issue.
- won't ever get rockboxed in a stable or probably anyway - being niche.
-i never thought i'd say this - but it actually has a smaller screen than clip+ ... just... amazing. (dont think you can change the fonts or anything but it is pretty bright)

that concludes my first experience in 'audiophile players' with 'excellent firmware'
for some reason the review box doesn't display the ratings I gave it, so here they are again:


"for some reason the review box doesn't display the ratings I gave it, so here they are again:"
Yeah, Head-Fi's detail bars are the community average, not the reviewers...stupid, I know.

I tried the C3 before and I couldn't figure out how to increase or decrease the volume by more than 3 points. XD
sorry for you that you didnt like the C3...
because if i will do review on my C3, i will be giving 5\5...
for me, the C3 is really easy and comfortable to use.
and the sound  Quality? couldn't ask for more at 100$... 
BTW, I have spoken with 2 poeple that returned from DX50 and the X3 back to the C3...
so if someone here think that the DX50 or the X3 is an upgrade from the C3
think again :P.
I agree with headphones1999... the C3 based on SQ alone is better than my DX50. The C3 and my JDS C5 combo is a great match.
And there are definitely people who hear the DX50/X3 as an upgrade. Just because some people think the C3 is better doesn't mean it is for everyone. 
lin0003, I said it as a recommendation, not as a fact...