Colorfly C3 Reviews

Positive Reviews


wow, just wow.


Pros: great build quality, great sound, portable and looks good.

Cons: maybe you will hate using the C3. /:

build quality    the C3 is build like a tank, my C3 fell several times on the floor and nothing happened. (something I would love to see with an iPhone...)     comfort   really small and portable, but still feels really good in the hand because the C3 is a bit heavy.    using comfort   the touch on the C3 is nice but not like the touch of an iPod/galaxy, sometimes you will need to touch the screen 2-3 times until it will work the screen is small but i don't think it's a bad thing, you just need to see the name of the song/album so why you need a 4" screen for that? there is no search option, but...
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Almost Quintessential Portable Music Player


Pros: Sound, size, battery life, sound, expandable memory, price, sound.

Cons: UI, button layout, limited accessories.

It's just like the title says - the Colorfly C3 is everything that a portable music player should be. Almost.   Build Quality/Form Factor Excellent. Fits nicely in the hand and has a nice heft to it. Metal back and sides complement the glass face well. The screen is rather small and the text on said screen is also small. (Think Clip+). SQ Probably the best native/unaltered sound quality I've heard out of a DAP. That includes iPod 5.5, Sansa Fuze V1, Sansa Clip+, and the DX50. It's so musical and organic. There is no hiss or RF interference, even with sensitive IEMs. The SQ out of the C3 is what really made me realize how low the priority was for the iPod's sound quality....
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Negative Reviews


Cheap and nice little sounding DAP.


Pros: Sound quality.

Cons: User interface. Build quality.

The ColorFly C3 is a nice little DAP. With good sound quality. And is all very well if it works. But the user interface is rather bad and glitchy. My unit started doing strange things. Like flashing and skipping songs as if a button was held, it was impossible to select a song o manipulate the DAP in any way. It was unusable until reset. And that happened every 30 minutes. Very dissapointing because it started acting up not very long after buying it. Totally put me of any Colorfly products for future purchase.

no thanks colorfly


Pros: low output impedance, does sound decent, small-ish (compared to note3), bright screen

Cons: screen size, froze (tags?), can't do SD+Internal shuffle, doesn't handle folders shuffle, no custom EQ, bass EQ boomy, awkward controls, no search....

so, h20 sent me his unit as a loaner. I can see why people liked the sound/build: It does sound somewhat more detailed and having wider soundstage than the clip seems like it has a mild treble boost compared to the clip so it sounds bit crisper. Not too sure it it'd pair well with bright IEMs. (there's also a small bass- roll off due to coupling caps, but it wasn't that noticable to me). The battery life is pretty decent, and it does look pretty and feel solid. Coupling caps aside it looks to have low output impedance, and it drove my GMP450 pro to ok volumes. Sound signature wise, I'm fairly confident the distinct sound can be repeated with a parametric eq in clip to mimic the same...
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More Reviews


Little Diamond


Pros: Sound quality; size; battery life

Cons: UI

I bought this player to complement my larger Cowon players and on the strength of some of the opinions written elsewhere on this site. When I saw it for £70 on Ebay I decided to take the plunge.   Boy am I glad I did!   The unit comes nicely packaged but my initial impressions were not too positive as the unit needed a firmware upgrade and immediately froze. I could not operate any of the controls and it just sat, blinking at me. Luckily some good advice from fellow enthusiasts helped me sort the problem and the unit does not appear to have suffered any long term ill effects.   So now I could get to playing some music on it. It is simply stunning. I have a...
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Jiawen Zhen

A nice dap into the audiophile world


Pros: Great sound

Cons: questionable interface, no cover art, and limited features, popping noise, sometimes buggy

This dap is fantastic and better sounding than my LG V20, which is weird because with all the hype and the 32 bit quad dac, the V20 under performs in comparison. It's going for 50 on Amazon so I'm tempted in buying a bunch and gifting them. Lots of issues but I can overlook most of them

Accurate and detailed sound in a compact package


Pros: Sound accuracy and quality, amazing MP3 decoder, battery life

Cons: Love--hate relationship. Wait, is that a pro? Stuttering/buffer underrun on EVO 128GB

I won't go in depth on the sound quality as I think other experts had already encompasses their opinions on it. But in summary, I would say this thing is a couple of notch better in sound quality compared to Sansa Clip+, with lighter and much more controlled bass yet more forward mids. I wish it supports higher sampling rate of 96KHz, currently highest quality is stuck in 24-bit/48KHz WAV. But no biggie, 16-bit/44.1Khz FLAC already sounds well enough. What is also interesting is, it seems to have very lively sounding MP3 decoder.   If you want music and just music with maximum portability, then this is it. No gimmicky features, no file sorting, no playlist, just directories and...
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Audiophile quality portable music player


Pros: Awesome sound quality, build quality, quite cheap, pocket size, expandable memory

Cons: Poor User Interface, Screen size, poor navigation, quiet pops between tracks

Build Quality First impressions are very good this thing feels almost bulletproof tough, its heavy for its size but thats not really a bad thing it just means you always know its in your pocket User Interface Okay I didn't expect great things about the UI of the C3 after reading some reviews but its not that bad yeah its fiddly sometimes unresponsive and make me wanna throw at the wall in frustration but you can forgive it because this thing sounds so good, the touchscreen is very sensitive and lights up when you press something its not exactly the most stylish of interfaces but its simplicity over aesthetics here Sound Quality I was using my iPod before I got this and I thought about...
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First Impressions of the Colorfly C3


Pros: Presentation. Size. Power. Price. Clean lots of bass. Adjustable eq.

Cons: Not sure for £70. Won't play hi res files

I wanted to tell you what this is like straight out of the box because I just got this in less than a week new from hong kong for £70. So this is for anyone wondering about taking a plunge on a dap but not sure which direction to take. I wanted to post it because I can't believe this is on ebay for £70! It'll surely sell out at that price. The packaging is bomb proof. It has 6 lots of wrapping around it. You get a set of in ears they look gross. Won't be using them so no idea whether they're bearable. A usb cable a mains plug a velvet sky blue pouch 2 cleaning cloths and a screen protector are provided as well as the beautiful looking cardboard presentation box. Now onto the c3...
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