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A Review On: Coby Folding Deep Bass Stereo Headphones CV185 (Black)

Coby Folding Deep Bass Stereo Headphones CV185 (Black)

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Pros: Portable, lightweight

Cons: Muffled highs

I bought these headphones just from reviews here, but got quite disappointed; bass is OK, mids are OK, but highs are... I can't describe, cut off, muffled. When you listen to music for few days, you realise that something is wrong with hihats in music, be it rock, dance, disco. They are far away and muffled, as if cutoff frequency is set to 14 kHz or lower. I suspect it has something to do with earpads, maybe the ear is too far away from drivers to sound right. When earpads removed, there is virtually no bass, highs are a bit better, but sound is tiny.
I disagree about the best sounding bit for 10$ - they sound as bad as any other cheap headphones, there is always something missing with these.
The pressure they put on ears is solid, so is the isolation. Too bad about the sound.


Not surprising, Coby makes NOTHING of quality. I made the mistake of purchasing a Coby tv that died in a year. Coby is a classic example of getting what you pay for.
They sound better than most other $10 headphones in the world, but not better than other $10 recommendations you'd get on Head-Fi.
Hahah i guess you had the same reaction as the guy in your profile picture after listening them :))