Great Budget Headphones that Have Perfect Synergy With Zune

A Review On: Coby Folding Deep Bass Stereo Headphones CV185 (Black)

Coby Folding Deep Bass Stereo Headphones CV185 (Black)

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Pros: Balanced, Great Synergy With a Zune

Cons: Foam padding on headband is cheap

The Coby CV-185 can be founded pretty much everywhere for under $10. After reading joker's review of these headphones, I thought why not since they are so cheap.


I bought these headphones at Marshall's for $7. The headphones come in a plastic box like any other cheap headphones come in.


The built quality of the headphones are more than adequate for a headphones its price. The only qualm I have with the headphones is its foam padding lining for the headband which almost feel like paper.


As far as the sound quaity goes, it really depends on the source. On most source, these soundphones sound ok especially for the price. These headphones are very balanced.  However, when paired up with my Zune HD, the sound retains its balanced sound, but is much richer with much more depth.


Overall, these headphones are good value, but if you have a Zune HD or any other Zune, these headphones will have great synergy that makes them shine.




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