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PureSound ClarityOne

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Pros: good bass, comfortable, good isolation, bright sound

Cons: treble a bit harsh...? too early to say

Bought these very slightly used - price paid is what I got them for, not what they retail for. I wasn't going to pay £120 for something I hadn't heard much from but paying half that was worth it. 


Early thoughts are that these are a step above from the SE115s I was using before which now sound a bit dull and insipid in comparison. The bass is very evident from what I had before, clear and smooth. Treble is a tad aggressive at times but I'll see how that goes. Isolation is superb. 


Not sure I'd recommend them at full price but I have nothing to compare them to atm. For less than I paid for the Shure's, they are good value. 

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So a follow up having had these for six months or so. They remain fairly bright but with a decent bass. I mostly use them with a macbook pro and a Fiio E10. The tips make a big difference to comfort. As before, I would have felt annoyed had I paid £100 plus for them but at £60, they're decent value. They get used everyday and don't annoy me but the Shure SE115s (which I still use when out and about) are significantly more comfortable - yet I can feel the patches of music where the Shure's don't cut it compared to the ClarityOne's.
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