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ClarityOne Reviews

Positive Reviews


PureSound ClarityOne


Pros: good bass, comfortable, good isolation, bright sound

Cons: treble a bit harsh...? too early to say

Bought these very slightly used - price paid is what I got them for, not what they retail for. I wasn't going to pay £120 for something I hadn't heard much from but paying half that was worth it.    Early thoughts are that these are a step above from the SE115s I was using before which now sound a bit dull and insipid in comparison. The bass is very evident from what I had before, clear and smooth. Treble is a tad aggressive at times but I'll see how that goes. Isolation is superb.    Not sure I'd recommend them at full price but I have nothing to compare them to atm. For less than I paid for the Shure's, they are good value. 

Negative Reviews


A great headphone but a not so great company....


Pros: Bass response, nice treble, clean mids and highs, very dynamic headphone

Cons: Build Quality and Customer Service

To all interested in ClarityOne Audio earbuds I say beware. I bought these headphones from airmiles (a licensed seller at the time) last summer. I loved the headphones and I commend the company for the quality of the audio that they produce. In my opinion they were pretty amazing. But then winter struck. I live in Canada, and incidentally the same city that the "Head Office" for Clarity One Audio resides. Anyways, I pulled them out of my pocket one day to find that the covering around the wire had come out (there was no glue or anything in or around the joint so I guess it was just put in there) and the copper wire was exposed. My headphones were still under warranty so I decided to claim...
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Average IEMs


Pros: Overall clarity, non-kinkable & non-microphonic cable, accessories

Cons: Discomfort due to large eartip diameter

This "review" is based off a couple weeks' worth of experience with the ClarityOne, which I bought out of curiosity.   I used them primarily with my MP3 player, the iAudio X5, which contains files encoded with LAME 3.90.3, using VBR at 96-256 kb/s. So not necessarily an "audiophile" setup, but that was primarily what I intended to use them with if I was going to keep them.   First a preface that I own the JH Audio JH13 custom IEMs, which I like a lot. I didn't buy the ClarityOne to replace my JH13 but rather merely to try them and see if I could maybe use them as a back-up for secondary purposes.   So it could be said that I've been spoiled by the JH13, which...
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