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CEntrance HiFi M8. Sound?. Value?.

A Review On: CEntrance HiFi-M8

CEntrance HiFi-M8

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Pros: Excellent overall balance. Wide Soundstage. Bass boost does not muddy the sound. Treble lift is very subtle.

Cons: Battery life?.

I am the average Mr Nobody who has been into Hi fi from the age of 12.I am now 74.I am currently using JDS labs C5,a Fiio Mont Blanc,and the HiFi M8 LX.I had been hoping for great things,and have not been disappointed.I use Westone 4R,and HD 800. Music is Dance, Jazz,and some Classical.For portable use,I use the iPad mini retina,and a very modified iPod classic,with a 128 ssd. (Please get to the point!.) The M8 has a wide soundstage,a wonderful overall balance, a good depth,and also Instrument separation.With some badly recorded music,where the Bass seems to have one note,I can now hear a Bass line.Use the bass boost,and it does not muddy it,nor does it seem to bleed over. The treble seems to add clarity,but no shrillness.Drawbacks?. Battery Life.Would be wonderful to charge it in the Car!. Please remember my hearing is not the same as yours.and at my age is not at its peak anymore!. Highly recommended.


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