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Headphone Impedance

  What is Headphone Impedance?   Headphone Impedance is the electrical characteristic of the headphone voice coil and magnetic field coupling of the voice coil & magnet inside the headphone. Impedance is an electrical unit which expresses the combined Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance of the headphone's voice coil. In terms of matching to an amplifier, the headphone impedance is the "Load Impedance". An amplifier drives a headphone with voltage, the current drawn by the headphone is proportional to the headphone's impedance.  As a rule of thumb, the... read more

Diy Beginners Guide

  To help any new DIY'ers this Wiki is a compilation of the answers from many threads in an attempt to compile a comprehensive list of suggestions and links for anyone starting out in DIY.   Table of Contents Getting Started Minimum Set of Tools Additional Tools Parts and Supplies   Getting Started   A wonderful source of information can be found at one of our members website http://www.tangentsoft.net. In particular reading and understanding the information provided at these links is strongly suggested: "Getting Started in Audio... read more

Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Headphone Amplifiers › Headphone Amplifiers Articles