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DUNU DN-2000 Hybrid 3 way earphone

DUNU DN-2000 Quick Review


Pros: Epicness, amazing instrument separation, superb scale.

Cons: Golden, the bothersome sticky out bit, oversized case.

DUNU DN-2000 Quick Review   Full Review at http://www.head-fi.org/t/728105/dunu-dn-2000-review   Thanks to DUNU for the sample.   Brief:  DUNU take’s it to the top.   Price:  US$316 or £186 sans HMRC’s cut   Specification:  Driver Unit: Dynamic (10mm)*1+Balanced Armature*2, Sensitivity: 102dB+/-2dB, Impedance:16Ω, Frequency Range:...
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Good GAMING  Headset
Good GAMING Headset
I brought it for its looks
I brought it for its looks

Logitech Z553 2.1 Speakers

Pros: Just about nothing besides the looks

Cons: Fatiguing, cables, sound in general, horrible placement of buttons

A Stage Monitor For Audiophiles
A Stage Monitor For Audiophiles

Future Sonics mg5pro 10mm Ear Monitors

Pros: Balanced tuning puts vocals first, truly great bass and accurate treble, good with many music genres

Cons: If the tuning or dynamic driver sound doesn't fit your preferences

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