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Cables Articles

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Hi End Cables

Audio Cables are quite an interesting topic. Their performance is based on the following:    1.) Physical build stress handling capability, ever wonder why cheap cables introduce noise when they are twisted and turned?   Mainly because the fibers inside them are constantly coming in and out of contact which changes the inductive reactantance in them to make the cable suddenly shift its characteristics and introduce noise due to the change. Good cables do not have this problem as they are more sturdy and have the outer coating to be more flexible and not allow... read more

DIY Cable Info and Resources

The DIY forum sees a lot of the same questions repeated frequently. This article is meant to consolidate and table some of the information people can use.   (You can edit this article or PM me with recommendations, corrections, suggestions, or questions. Just keep in mind that I'm a cable-builder newbie, myself, so I probably won't be able to provide technical support or make detailed equipment recommendations. -- ardgedee)   Intro Connectors Wires Tools Resources Connectors Things I could use help with for this section: Wiring information about... read more

Head-Fi.org › Head Gear › Cables › Cables Articles