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A Review On: Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers - Black Pair

Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers - Black Pair

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Pros: Amazing bass for bookshelves, very nice musical tone, forgiving, decent soundstage, great imaging

Cons: rear ported- not a con but just something to be aware of, they will need room, somewhat rolled off highs, not overly detailed, bookshelf shortcomings

These are one of the best budget bookshelf speakers around.  Compared to similar priced offerings from Polk, Ascend Acoustics, these speakers just sound more enjoyable.  They are not amazingly detailed but for just enjoying the music they are amazing at the price. 


The bass on these is way more than i expected out of small bookshelves.  Obviously, that is improved with a good sub, but it is ok without.


These speakers can be described as slightly warm, which i like (im a sennheiser fan).  They will not bring out every detail in the sound, so if you like AKG these might not be for you.  However, they are more detailed than most speakers around this price.  


These speakers are best used in a nearfield setup.  When i put these in my home theater, a large room, they sounded small.  However, in my bedroom, in a nearfield setup, these really don't sound like bookshelves.  The soundstage does not really extent beyond the speakers like some higher end speakers seem to do, however the soundstage between the speakers is accurate.  


Bottom line:  For around $200, these are a bargain.  They beat out any i have heard at this price point.  They are not overly detailed, but allow the listener to really enjoy the music.  

Highly Recomended


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Hell Yeah!!!. I have them for past six months and love em!!!!