Get them while they last in North America. Their replacement is not as good of a speaker.

A Review On: Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers - Black Pair

Cambridge Audio S30 Bookshelf Speakers - Black Pair

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Pros: Unbelieveable for their size, excellent detail, don't tire you to listen for a long time

Cons: I would have preferred a taller box without so much depth.

As I said on the summary, they will be gone from North America soon because Cambridge Audio realizes the buyers aren't sophisticated enough to realize this smaller box is a totally excellent speaker.  They are replacing them with the typical coated woofers and dome tweeters that don't have the sophistication of the S30.  However, they will be more competitive against the array of metal component speakers that impress most buyers.


Agreed !!!! These are really awesome..
I like CA... but I expected a review, with maybe some comparison against similarly priced speakers. This is more or less a rant... oh well.