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Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus

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Pros: Versatile, many user adjustable settings

Cons: None so far

I purchased the DMPlus to work alongside my MacMini. The MacMini has been stripped to just Mac OSX and Amarra Mini ver 2.4 using iTunes as the librarian. The Mini's USB output to the DMPlus is via an Audioquest Forest USB cable. I have 2 ways to listen to the DMPlus. First, I plug my Sennheiser HD650's directly into the headphone jack. In this mode the DMPlus acts as a headphone amplifier. iTunes and Amarra feed directly to the HD650's. The sound is wonderful and open. Great soundstage. You can see in your mind where each instrument is placed. The imaging is spot on...after you adjust the balance that is. 


One of the pluses of the DMPlus is the user adjustability. There are 3 different slope settings to set to user preference. Also, you can choose between synchronous usb 1.1 or Asynchronous usb 2.0. The default is 1.1. You have to read the manual to see how to adjust this setting. Until you do the device will not be recognized as a usb 2.0 device by the computer.


Balance is another adjustment that is not labeled. You must hold down the Filter/Phase button and then the volume knob becomes the balance adjust. Release the button and the knob returns to a volume control.


Once the unit is dialed into your setting preferences it is ready for action. I have it's unbalanced RCA outputs connected to my Denon AVR-4311ci receiver so I can enjoy the DAC through my M&K S-150's. There are Balanced outputs as well if you have the equipment for it. The difference of the Mac Mini via Toslink to the receiver and the DMPlus via RCA is interesting and fun to A/B. The TosLink utilizes the Denon's AKM DAC's so this set up allows me to have my choice of DAC output.


Most of the time I find myself using the HD650's directly plugged into the DMPlus. It is a simple setup. Mac Mini as source, DMPlus as DAC/Preamp/Amp and HD650's as cans of choice.


Life is good! (and simple!)




Here is another review from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity:




Pros: Usable as a preamp and headphone amp.

Cons: Loss of sharp filter, No Remote.

I was surprised to say the least at the sound of this new model from Cambridge Audio. The new dac sounds a few steps better than the dac it replaces.My only complaint is the volume control.It has a cheap feel to it.and the adjust ability is not very good.you have little volume then move it just a small way and the volume increases far too much.Other than that it is worth a listen.

Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus

Improving on a legend is never easy, but Cambridge Audio has gone back to the drawing board to create the DacMagic Plus with exciting new features, wireless device connectivity, and best of all, significantly enhanced audio performance. We live in a world of immense musical opportunity. Computers, TVs and Blu-ray players can all deliver audio to your hi-fi system, but because they're primarily designed to perform other functions, their audio outputs lack quality. But by simply connecting them to DacMagic Plus, you can bypass their inbuilt digital to analogue converters transforming their humdrum performance into something altogether more spectacular! DacMagic Plus works by taking a digital audio signal from your PC, digital iPod dock or TV which it analyses and upgrades using our clever ATF2 algorithm. It's totally flexible and supports digital music of all formats. DacMagic Plus even supports 24-bit data over USB so you can enjoy better than CD quality from uncompressed music stored on your PC. And by linking our plug-and-play BT100 wireless audio receiver to DacMagic Plus, you can also stream music wirelessly from your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or any device that supports Bluetooth*. Best of all, if your smartphone, tablet or Apple Mac supports the high-end audio aptX CODEC, you can stream audiophile quality music from your device to DacMagic Plus. Of course the range of music available from today's mobile devices is almost endless and as well as controlling and playing stored music, online music services like Spotify and Last FM can be shared with your hi-fi in stunning quality. *Optional BT100 audio receiver required Such impressive technology can be hard to explain, so why not enjoy a personal audition the new DacMagic Plus? With Cambridge Audio specialists located across the globe, there's never been a better time to experience the future of digital music.

BrandCambridge Audio
FeatureExternal input for optional BT100 Bluetooth receiver - allows audio to be streamed and up-sampled from any paired Bluetooth device. Supports high quality apt-X Bluetooth CODEC as well as standard SBC Bluetooth CODEC.
Height2 inches
Length8.6 inches
Width7.6 inches
LabelCambridge Audio
List Price$679.00
ManufacturerCambridge Audio
ModelDacMagic Plus
MPNDacMagic Plus-B
Package Quantity1
Product GroupReceiver or Amplifier
Product Type NameAUDIO_OR_VIDEO
PublisherCambridge Audio
StudioCambridge Audio
TitleCambridge Audio Azur DacMagic Plus Digital to Analogue Convert, Black
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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