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Cambridge - 840C CD Player

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Pros: Honest/neutral sound, upsampling, good LR and F-B depth, digital inputs

Cons: Display hard to read at any distance.

Bought in UK at reduced price £499. Bargain in my opinion so 5 stars.


Sound is very clear and transparent through speakers or phones. Deep bass, clear midrange, and slighly lifted/airy treble. It resolves the different instruments in the mix well. The sound is very neutral, which I liked.


The left to right imaging is very good but I was most impressed by the depth of the sound field on speakers. Voices do sound forward of speakers when dry of reverb. It fills the room with "surround" like sound like reverb tails and effects.


I have modified mine with new PSU caps and a replacement voltage regulator for the DACs. I also put sound absorbing pads (Vibramat or Anti-vibe) onto the larger areas of the casework. With all this I think it sounds even better, giving a little more detail and punchier/dynamic on drums and other transients.


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