Calyx Audio M Reviews


Extreme SQ, Top Tier Exotic DAP


Pros: In top four in SQ, beautiful design, nice screen, easy to use UI

Cons: Worthless battery life, missing basic UI functions - folder navigation and play all

Having listened to almost all top tier DAPs, the Calyx M has been frustrating to audition being relatively rare and absent from all audio shows and Head-Fi meets in the US that I have attended. Hearing/reading constant claims of top SQ, I knew that I needed to hear it, but doubted that it could be that good knowing that it utilizes a Sabre implementation which are bright and blaring in practice. With the prices coming down to a reasonable level, I took a chance on buying one to audition knowing that I would just sell it after my audition satisfied my curiosity. Well........ a week into my audition and I knew that there was no way that I would be selling the M. It just sounds too damn...
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Calyx M Video Review


Pros: Excellent sound quality, native DSD support and great driving power

Cons: Battery life is terrible, UI is laggy


The Calyx M is a solid entry into the high-end DAP market for people looking for a good, all-round unit.


Pros: Easy to use and attractive user interface. Great sound quality, close to AK240. Full-size SD cards can be used.

Cons: Quite large. Poor battery life. User interface is a bit slow and doesn't cache album art. DAC performance isn't as good. No folder browsing.

  Thanks to Calyx for allowing Team Tokyo to borrow a unit for review.   Note: Version 0.6 and 0.95 of the software were originally used for this review. I've updated it to reflect performance with firmware 1.01. The first thing many people wanted when they heard about the Calyx M was an AK240-level device without the price tag. Good luck! But in all honesty, if there is another company (other than Sony) that might be capable of invading the market with something competent, it would be another Korean company. Having owned a Calyx DAC in the past, the DAC 24/192, I was curious to find out how their portable would fare, so when the CEO of Calyx introduced himself at the May...
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