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A Review On: C&C BH Portable Headphone Amp

C&C BH Portable Headphone Amp

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Pros: Imaging, soundstage, clarity and treble switch, ridiculous battery life

Cons: Volume knob loose enough to accidentally turn, small range for IEMs, EMI magnet

I'm really impressed by this tiny little amp. The C&C BH is truly a portable amp, hardly bigger than a tube of chapstick and boasting an insane battery that supposedly lasts 60+ hours. I've not yet charged mine since opening it a few days prior to this review and it's still going strong. The BH also has smart charging, so when it finally does run out of juice, you don't have to worry about over-charging it; it'll be good to go when it's full and won't damage itself. It can also be used during charging.




I have a few minor issues with the build. Sometimes, the jack is a little loose and needs a little re-adjustment to get the sound right. Only happens every once in a while and is easily fixed, but should be noted. The volume knob is almost too easy to turn and accidentally spike one's volume, especially IEM users. Again, not huge, but something to note. The knob is perfectly fine while the unit is in a pants pocket. Overall, it is very sturdy and solidly built.




The BH is fun with the different switches and outputs available to choose. OUT1 has a more forward mid-range, making it lovely for vocals. OUT2 has less power than OUT1, but also has a wider soundstage and greater clarity. IEMs and lower impedance cans will be better on OUT2 than OUT1.


In addition to the different outs, the BH has a hi/low gain, low frequency switch, and soundfield switch. It's worth noting that the LF switch also boosts treble a little bit, but not to sibilant levels. 


I only have an AD900X to use with my BH, but the two pair quite nicely. The bass boost smooths out the lower end of the AD900X while maintaining a good level of clarity and detail on OUT2. 


For $100, I definitely recommend this amp. The sound quality is great and the battery life is out of this world.


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