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Burson HA-160D


Pros: Meaty sound, sturdy build quality, and provide one box solution.

Cons: Static sound at volume pot

Burson HA160D:


I always love how 160D present the "meaty sound", it give "warmness" to vocal and other music instrument so I can feel more "life-like sound" from them. While the treble is little bit laidback, but it's still clear and have good separation and detail (though you can find other gears provide more detail in this price range, but you will miss the full-bodied sound from Burson)


The sound is forward, warm, full bodied and has good focus, everything seems so coherence and perhaps that's why 160D is famous for their PRaT. Soundstage image isn't so wide, but it has good depth and height.


Two headphone socket with different gain is a nice thing too, for low imp cans, the low gain channel really suitable, no hiss to speak here.


Exterior wise, this thing is quite sturdy, the monoblock aluminium does the job really well, though if we talk about design, they just classical box shape, nothing fancy here.


Static sound in volume control is a little bit annoying, and if Burson want to develope 160D more, I think this is the first thing to get attention. (Yes, I know static sound in discreate volume pot is a "normal" problem, but still, it's not really convenient) -- Later I realize that we can remove that annoying static by regularly using contact cleaner to volume pot. It's really effective!


Overall, as a one-box-solution (we get the pre-amp too), Burson HA160D is really a great product and worth to buy.




Burson HA-160D

The HA-160D took over 18 months to realize. Apart from the DAC chip, the entire machine was meticulously hand assembled with top grade, perfectly matched discrete components. It is powered by 5 sets of custom built low noise power supplies to eliminate noise pollution.

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