Terrific cable at great price

A Review On: BTG-Audio Sunrise CIEM cable

BTG-Audio Sunrise CIEM cable

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Pros: Great sound , durable , low cost

Cons: Not a real negative but Cable is thick. Not dental floss thin if that's what your looking for

Just want to tell you Brian and service at BTG-Audio is absolutely top notch! I had a problem with my SM3 v1 the right channel kept cutting out. After some brief emails with Brian, he gave me my options and I sent my earphones. Communication was excellent throughout. He said he received them and immediately went to work, He preformed a removable cable mod and emailed me links to pictures rather than just giving a verbal status. He also fitted them with his own BTG-Audio IEM cable which turned out to be very high quality. They work great! I give Brian my highest recommendation. Great work. Terrific turnaround time. The level of service I got was just unheard of. I love how he follows up on everything. As consumers we're the ones that end up chasing people but this time it's the other way around, like it should be. Thanks again Brian!! I'm enjoying tunes as I type this thanks to you.


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