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A Review On: BTG-Audio Midnight Hd-25 cable

BTG-Audio Midnight Hd-25 cable

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Pros: audio improvement, choice in termination, choices in wire material, choice in sleeve colors, affordable compared to other suppliers

Cons: Its limited to 4 strand wire due to how the cable travels in the headband. But Brian has offered a mod option if someone really wants 8 strand wire.

disclaimer - This review is based on an upgraded cable to 4 strand SPC wire, plus balanced termination (the base is copper wire and 1/8" termination)


I'm a bit embarrassed at how much I've spent on this hobby.  But I guess I've at least found some "perspective".  As most Head-Fiers, I look more and more for ways to squeeze more performance out of my equipment.  So I decided I should try improving the cables, on my favorite headphones.  I decided to begin with my beloved HD25ii Adidas Edition portables, and I looked to Brian at BTG Audio.


On BTG's web store you see the base model "Midnight" cables.  But with Brian's assistance, based on my needs, we upgraded the cable's wire type and termination.  All I can say is, this might have been the smartest purchase I've made, in this hobby.  I have had a large increase of instrument separation, and a modest improvement in soundstage.  Bass is more precise and less muffled.  And treble has more sparkle.  I always loved the HD25s for their ability to be very forgiving with recordings of lower quality, and I don't feel any of that ability was lost (I was concerned a bit about loosing that benefit).  I also saw wonderful improvements using this upgrade direct from the source, when I was mostly expecting to see the improvement just in multi component stacks.


I have zero issues recommending this product, and I have already.  While receiving wonder feedback from those who went with my suggestion.


My evaluation sources:


iPod Touch 4th -> CLAS db -> Rx Mk3 B -> HD25

iPod Touch 4th -> HD25

Macbook Pro -> HD25


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I also experienced a significant improvement in sound using the basic HD25 Midnight upgraded cable (not balanced, with a basic single ended 1/8" mini termination) from BTG.  The improvements were not subtle and should be audible to anyone, with increased detail and transparency across the entire audio spectrum.  There were no downsides to the improvement in sound.  The HD-25 was improved to the point that I now found it to be more or less equivalent to the DT1350 in those areas where the HD-25 was a bit lacking v. the DT1350, mainly detail and transparency.  
At $77, it's a fine value and a no brainer to get this upgrade.  However, I'd recommend that purchasers, with their order for a few dollars more, order an improved 1/8" termination available from Brian since the basic mini that Brian supplies I found to be not as smoothly finished as others I have.
I'm very happy with the BTG and would certainly recommend that Brian mention the improvement in sound provided by his cables on his site, even if it's only to quote others.